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Project Manager Authority

Discuss some of the steps that you as a project manager could take in order to establish your authority. Approach this as "troubleshooting before the fact" and give examples of how you might identify individuals who could be resistant to your authority. Include any experiences you have had when the authority of a project manager was a problem.

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A successful and effective project manager will always take steps to establish their authority and inspire respect prior to beginning a new project. In most situations, the project manager is in charge of their peers and it can sometimes be difficult for team members to take direction from an individual they still consider an equal. There are several steps a project manager can take in order to establish their authority:

1. Promote Yourself: This new position may require you to acquire and develop new skills in order to guarantee success for you and your new team.

2. Accelerate Your Learning: As the new leader of the team, you may not ...

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The expert discusses the steps that a project manager could take in order to establish authority.