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Labour Management and Relations

Fair Labor Standards Act

Gooddecade manufactures and sells automobile parts throughout the eastern part of the US. Among its full-time employees are 220 fourteen and fifteen-year olds. These teenagers are employed throughout the company and are paid at an hourly wage rate of $3 per hour. Discuss the legality of this arrangement.

Labor Mix Variance - Mountain View Hospital

In this problem I have doubt calculating the labor mix variance for the fourth floor nursing unit of Mountain View Hospital and explaining the significance of the labor mix variance. Also calculating the labor yield variance for the fourth floor nursing unit and interpreting the meaning of the calculations.

Quantity variance, efficiency labor mix

Company manufactures only one product x. The company uses a standard cost system and has established the following standards per unit of product x: Direct Materials Standard Quantity Standard Price Standard Cost 3.0 lbs. $12 per lb. $36.00 Direct Labor 1.2 hrs. $15 per hr. $18.00 Durin

Direct materials and direct labor variance analysis

Dresses by Audrey Inc. Audrey Inc. manufactures silk dresses in a small manufacturing facility. Manufacturing has 20 employees. Each employee presently provides 36 hours of productive labor per week. Information about a production week is as follows: Standard wage per hour $10.65 Standard labo

Wal-Mart & Unions

I need help to fully understand what I am asked to do: Wal-Mart is the largest employer in the United States. Wal-Mart is also union free. Is this a picture of the current state of Unions in the United States? If so, why? If not, why not? (In answering this question please address whether you believe unions are necessar

Managerial Accounting

The following information pertains to Bates Company's direct labor for March: Standard direct labor-hours 21,000 Actual direct labor-hours 20,000 Favorable direct labor rate variance $8,400 Standard direct labor rate per hour $6.30 What was Bates' total actual direct labor cost for March? $117,600

Managerial Accounting

The following data pertain to Nell Company's operations for June: Standard quantity of materials per unit of product 5 pounds Standard cost of materials per pound $0.20 Standard direct labor hours 0.04 hours Standard wage rate per hour $7.00 Actual output 100,000 units Materials purchased 100,000 pounds

Human Resource/ labor relations

4. Vacation Facts: When Stan Cooper quit his job at the end of January of a recent year, the personnel manager saw to it that his final check included all pay and allowances due as of his last day of work. Management assumed that was the last they would see of this former employee, but seven months later-shortly before Aug

Labor Law Questions

1) From the employer's perspective on FMLA, what is the most beneficial way to define the 12-month period in which the 12 weeks can be utilized? What is the least beneficial way? 2) What are the benefits and obstacles of HIPAA for employees? 3) Should employers be responsible for employee safety while working from home? Why or

Labor relations contracts

When considering labor relations and working from the union side of a contract, what are some of the advantages to having a long contract (5 years) versuses a shorter contract? How will having a long contract save the company money? What are some ways the company can promote incentives to the union labor force when negotiations

Union behavior, structure and operations.

Describe union behavior, structure and operations, including the relationship between unions and management, the impact of the Wagner Act, the Taft-Hartley Act and Landrum-Griffin Act.

Pros and cons of unions in the United States

The development of unions was a significant turning point for workers in the United States. Over the past few decades union membership has been declining, are unions no longer needed in the United States? Do you think the development of such a broad system of employment laws has decreased the need for unions? Why or why not?

Managerial accounting

Describe one way you would determine the standard price and quantity of materials, labor, and overhead for a particular product.

Learning Curves calculation

How to calculate basic premise learning curve? --- Learning Curves Company X plans to manufacture a Product A that requires substantial amount of direct labor on each unit. Based on the company's experience with other products that requires similar amounts of direct labor, management believes that a learning factor exists

Accounting ?'s

Can you help me double-check my work with this assignment? 1. The following information is available for completed Job No. 402: Direct materials, $20,000; direct labor, $30,000; manufacturing overhead applied, $15,000; units produced, 5,000 units; units sold, 4,000 units. What is the cost of the finished goods on hand from th

Labor Laws and the role within Employment are noted.

You are a company director and Jennifer, an employee in another group, comes to you in confidence regarding a very uncomfortable work related situation that she found herself in. Jennifer indicates that one of your fellow company director's was seeking a position at another company and he indicated to Jennifer that he could get

Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a law which has been in place since 1938 with virtually no changes. There is current legislation to change certain provisions including the one which classifies which groups are eligible for overtime. 1. How do you think these changes will impact United States businesses? Why?

Factory labor costs

The gross earnings of the factory workers for Darlinda Company during the month of January are $80,000. The employer's payroll taxes for the factory payroll are $8,000. The fringe benefits to be paid by the employer on this payroll are $4,000. Of the total accumulated cost of factory labor, 85% is related to direct labor and 15

Flexible Budgets and Standard Costing Problem

Standard Cost Card -- Per Unit Direct materials, 4 yards at $3.50 per yard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14 Direct labor, 1.5 direct labor-hours at $12 per direct labor-hour . . . . . . . . . 18 Variable overhead, 1.5 direct labor-hours at $2 per direct labor-hour . . . . . 3 Fixed overhead, 1.5 direct la

Cost Accounting: calculate units of labor and output for automobile wheel locks

See the attached file. I am having a problem with the following analysis: You own a small manufacturing company that makes wheel locks for automobiles that you sell to the major automakers. A company recently completed a study of your production process, and a part of the results is displayed in the attached file. As can

HR Manager performance standards for the position.

Attached is a copy of the H/R manager posting I used. I need assistance in developing the following. We have recently hired a H/R manager and would like to implement performance standards for the position. 1) I need to create 5 to 10 performance standards for a Human Resources manager. 2) What type of performance asses

Budgets: 1) Prepare a sales budget for July. 2) Prepare a production budget for July. 3) Prepare a direct materials budget for July. 4) Prepare a direct labor cost budget for July.

The budget director of Royal Furniture Company requests estimates of sales, production and other operating data from various administrative units every month. Selected information concerning sales and production for July 2006 is summarized as follows: (See attachment) a) Estimated sales of King and Prince chairs for July by sa

Organization Analysis

"What recommendations would you suggest for a large division, current organization structure is autocratic...they want to move to a particpatory style, but a union is present." Thanks

Managerial Accounting

E8-5 The following direct materials and direct labor data pertain to the operations of Juan Manufacturing Company for the month of August. Costs Quantities Actual labor rate $13.00 per hour Actual hours Incurred 4,200 hours