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Labour Management and Relations

Nursing Homes and Unions

Would you please explain the state of the law applying to the relationship between nursing homes and union when organizing efforts begin and describe the "do's and don'ts" of such situations and how you see them applying to real situations and which ones work and which are easily violated?

Unions on strike question is posed.

I have a problem to solve: I am the newly named CEO of a large Fortune 500 company. This company has been publicly traded on the NYSE for many years and is well known with the average investor. The company is currently having a difficult time with its earnings. The 3 unions that represent 90% of the hourly workforce have vote

Direct material/labor variances Compute the following variances indicating whether each variance is favorable or unfavorable- a. Direct-material price variance, b. Direct-material quantity variance, c. Direct-labor rate variance, d. Direct-labor efficiency variance.

Need help computing direct material price and quantity variances, and direct labor rate and efficiency variances. See attached file for complete problem Adelphi Fabrics Corporation manufactured 500 units of a special multilayer fabric with the trade name Stylex during July. The following information from the Stylex producti

Variance - Labor efficiency and Rate differences

The hospital calculates labor variances for each reporting period by labor classification (RN,LPN,AIDES). The variances are used by nursing supervisors and hospital administration to evaluate the performance of nursing labor. Calculate the total nursing labor variance for the fourth nursing unit of Mountain View Hospital for Ma