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Labour Management and Relations

Managing Conflict

You are the Owner - CEO of a small job shop machine tool company. You have 35 employees, most of whom are highly skilled machinists who belong to Local 999 of the International Brotherhood of Good Guys Union. Generally, you are an open manager with an abiding sense of fair play and ethics. For this reason, you have been able to

Maximum Amount of Contribution Margin

Wood Carving Corporation manufactures three products. Because of a recent lack of skilled wood carvers, the corporation has had a shortage of available labor hours. The following per unit data relates to the three products of the corporation: Letter Openers Elvis Statues Candle Holders Sales price $31 $83 $65 Variable c

Assorted Accounting Math MCQs

1. Information on Westcott Company's direct labor costs for a recent month follows: Standard direct labor rate $3.75 Actual direct labor rate $3.50 Total standard direct labor-hours 10,000 Direct labor efficiency variance $4,200 Unfavorable What were the actual hours worked during the month, rounded to the nearest hour?

Direct material and direct labor variance

I need help with this problem New Jersey valve Company manufactured 7,800 units during January of a control valve used by milk processors in its Camden plant. Records indicated the following: direct labor........................... 40,100 hr. at $14.60 per hr. Direct material purchased.............. 25,000 lb. at $2.60 per

Raggs Corporation: Labor Rate Variance

Raggs Corporation's standard wage rate is $12.40 per direct labor-hour (DLH) and according to the standards, each unit of output requires 3.9 DLHs. In April, 5,230 units were produced, the actual wage rate was $11.80 per DLH, and the actual hours were 24,170 DLHs. The Labor Rate Variance for April would be recorded as a:

Credit Union: allocation of investment funds to maximize total return

The employee credit union at State University is planning the allocation of funds for the coming year. The credit union makes four types of loans to its members. In addition, the credit union invests in risk free securities to stabilize income. The various revenue producing investments together with annual rates of returns are a

Why do employees resist Unions?

What are some reasons that employees still resist Unions even after the passage of the National Labor Relations Act more than 60 years ago?

Margin Per Unit and Labor Cost Case Study

Required: The company is to decide in what quantities it will manufacture (or buy) XSZX drums and Mountain bike frames. 1. The margins of the two products are provided in the report submitted by the Accounting Department. Is the report (margin per unit) useful for the decision that the company has to make? Why or why not?

Labor, Material, Production Budgets: Samano Industries and Pacer, Inc.

1. Samano Industries has adopted the following production budget for the first 4 months of 2006 Month Units Month Units January 10, 000 March 5, 000 February 8, 000 April 4, 000 Each unit requires 5 pounds of raw materials costing $2 per pound. On December 31, 2005, the ending raw materials inventory was 15

Accounting (Manufacturing overhead): what are the estimated direct labor hours?

At the beginning of the year, manufacturing overhead for the year was estimated to be $477,590. At the end of the year, actual direct labor-hours for the year were 29,000 hours, the actual manufacturing overhead for the year was $472,590, and manufacturing overhead for the year was overapplied by $110. If the predetermined overh

Summit Company: Direct Labor Cost; Bus Company: Cost of Goods Sold

Question 14: Summit Company has provided the following inventory balances and manufacturing cost data for the month of January: Inventories January 1 January 31 Direct materials $26,000 $36,000 Work in process $24,000 $29,000 Finished goods $68,000 $53,000 Month of January Cost of goods manufactured $597,000 Manu

Labor Contracts

1.Describes the advantages and disadvantages of coordinating labor contracts in the three selected countries. India, Mexico and China. 2.From an HR perspective, explains which of the selected countries is or are ideal for coordinating labor contracts. 3.Uses references to support your analysis of global labor contracts.

Human resource management

1.What is employee/labor relations? What is HR's role in maintaining effective working relationships with unions? How can HR develop proactive policies that reduce the likelihood of union organizations? 2.Does anyone have Standard Operating Procedures to document training? 3.What are some common problems when administer

Union spillover: analyze effect of union agreements on wage issues

Research your chosen subtopic *Union SPillOVER* and find a journal article published in the last five years on your topic. Summarize the significant findings of the article, including an explanation of the historical significance of emerging trends in wages. The summary on your findings should include the following. Analy

Explain the importance of 3 health care issues for GM (Delphi) and their union

Benefits One of the most important and challenging issues facing employers in the United States today is the cost of health care. Remembering what you read in the article about GM, reflect on the following observation from the National Review in November, 2005: Delphi may be the world's largest maker of car parts, but that

Direct labor and direct material variance, missing data - Morro Bay Surfboards

Morro Bay Surfboards manufactures fiberglass surfboards. The standard cost of direct materials and direct manufactures labor is $100 per board. This includes 20 pounds of direct materials, at the budgeted price of $2 per pound, and five hours of direct manufacturing labor, at the budgeted rate of $12 per hour. Following are t