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Labour Management and Relations

Overtime premium and labor rate variance

Indicate whether the following statement is true or false, then support your view. Overtime premium (i.e., the 0.5 x hourly rate of workers, or 1.0 x hourly rate for double-time) will be a factor in measuring the labor rate variance.

Important information about Classification of Manufacturing Costs

Accounting: Concepts & Applications, by Albrecht. Chapter 15: Exercise 15-23 Cost Classifications - Cost Classifications Classify the costs as (1) product or period; (2) variable or fixed; and (3) for those that are product costs, as direct materials, direct labor, or manufacturing overhead. The following are costs asso

Total Overhead Cost: Direct Labour as the Cost Driver

ABC Company's overhead amounts to $300,000 per period based on an output of 200 units of A, 300 units of B, and 500 units of C. Direct labour costs of A, B, and C per unit amount to $75, 50, and 40 respectively. Each unit also requires 7, 12, and 20 machine hours per unit of production. Using direct labour as cost driver, total

Total price and quantity variances for materials and labor - Haslett Inc.

Total price and quantity variances for materials and labor Haslett Inc., which produces a single product, has prepared the following standard cost sheet for one unit of the product. Direct materials (8 pounds at $2.75 per pound) $22 Direct labor (3 hours at $16.00 per hour) $48 During the month of April, the company

Direct labor efficiency variance problem

The following information is presented for the single product that Holden Ltd. manufactures: DL Standard quantity per unit 3 hours Standard cost per unit of input ? per hour

Compute labor productivity for job shop making garments

Natalie Attired runs a small job shop where garments are made. The job shop employs eight workers. Each worker is paid $10 per hour. During the first week of March, each worker worked 45 hours. Together, they produced a batch of 132 garments. Of these garments, 52 were 'seconds' (meaning that they were flawed). The seconds were

Direct labor hours, overhead rate, product cost using ABC

Problem 2 Please use this template below to solve problem 2 and save your file using your first initial, last name, name of assignment, so jstevensproblem2.xls Due July 6th 11:59 pm central Upload your solution in area 2 of the problem 2 assignment area. Make sure you type your name in cell A3 Name: S

Compute actual hours worked, actual purchase prices

Standard direct-labor rate $14.00 Actual direct-labor rate $12.20 Standard direct-labor hours 12,000 Direct-labor quantity varianceâ?"unfavorable $9,800 Standard unit price of materials $4.50 Actual quantity purchased and used 1,800 Standard quantity allowed for actual production 1,650 Materials purchase price varianceâ

Labor Relations and Unions in Organizations

Labor Relations - Define unions and labor relations and their effect on organizations. - Examine the effect of changes in employee relations strategies, policies, and practices on organizational performance. - Are unions still relevant in the United States?

Labor & Jacksonian Democracy

Describe how artisans manufactured goods in the early national period. How did the growing market economy affect the way goods were produced, and how did it shape the development of social classes? Define and discuss the concept of republicanism.

Preventing Workplace Discrimination

See the attached file. Preventing Workplace Discrimination: Prepare a paper in which you and answer the following questions: o What are some measures a company may take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem. o Should factors like personality, attitude toward wo

Cost accounting 1

Gottberg Mugs is planning to sell 2,000 mugs and produce 2,200 mugs during April. Each mug requires 2 pounds of resin and a half hour of direct labor. Resin costs $1 per pound and employees of the company are paid $12.50 per hour. Manufacturing overhead is applied at a rate of 120% of direct labor costs. Gottberg has 2,000 pound

Collective Bargaining: How Unions Form

Can you please explain the following topic. Explain the process of how a union forms in an organization and what happens during the process of collective bargaining (the negotiation of the union contract).

How many bicycles Atlantic Corporation expects to produce

Atlantic Corporation assembles bicycles by purchasing frames, wheels, and other parts from various suppliers. Consider the following data: - The company plans to sell 25,000 bicycles during each month of the year's first quarter. - A review of the accounting records disclosed a finished-goods inventory of 1,400 bicycles on Jan

Health Care Employees and Unions

Three reasons why health care employees would want to join a union. In addition, three reasons why health care employers would be against this.

Unions and Health Care

Scenario: Busco Electric Utility You are Anita Louise, the very first Vice President of Human Resources for Busco, an Electric Utility company with corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado. None of Busco's employees are union in spite of the fact that the utility industry is heavily organized; to date Busco has no unio

Labor-management relations

Explain the role of the National Labor Relations Board : a. The legal environment of labor-management relations b. Union structures c. Current and future developments in the labor movement

Operation Management Taylor Industries: Cut back its labor costs

15. In the past, Taylor Industries has used a fixed-time period inventory system that involved taking a complete inventory count of all items each month. However, increasing labor costs are forcing Taylor Industries to examine alternative ways to reduce the amount of labor involved in inventory stockrooms, yet without increasing

Equivalent Units of Production Using FIFO

During April, the production department of a process manufacturing system completed a number of units of a product and transferred them to finished goods. Of these transferred units, 30,000 were in process in the production department at the beginning of April and 120,000 were started and completed in April. April's beginning in

Labor cost

Management of the Von Machine Company requests that you calculate the effect of two different wage payment plans upon employee earnings and also on the unit labor cost of Product A. The following information is available: -1 The hourly rate is $9.00. -2 The labor rate per piece of Part X, if the

Union Organizing

I need some help understanding unions since I have very little experience with them. 1. Please provide me the pros and cons of unionization from the perspective of the employer, and then from the employee. What recommendations should be made to employers who want to remain union-free? 2. What is the best way that they m

Direct labor variance for Mendoza Company

Data concerning Mendoza Company's direct labor costs for the month of Jan: Actual total direct labor hours 34,500 Standard total direct labor hours 35,000 Total direct labor cost $241,500 Direct labor efficiency variance $3,200 Favorable Show your computation for Medoza's direct labor rate variance,direct labor ef