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Labour Management and Relations

Labor Market Compensation Analyst

As a compensation analyst for All Sate Insurance Company, which is located in Hartford, Connecticut. Define the relevant labor market for insurance claims adjusters and for data entry clerks. Please explain the rationale for your definitions.

Causes of the decline of labor strikes in the United States

Causes of the decline of labor strikes in the United States The main points that I perceive contribute to the decline are: MP1: The decline of unions in itself MP2: Economic Factors MP3: Public opinion/media influences MP4: Global Impact MP5: Federal Protection Laws Any further suggestion for each of the main poi

HR: Apollo Corporation violations, unfair labor practices in union drive.

I need help with the following Case study on The Union Drive at Apollo Corp: ULPS and Organizing Tactics: Name the Case Review/ analysis of the case Analysis of Findings Recommendations Summary and conclusion Below are the questions to be answered: What, if any violation of the law did Apollo Corporation com

Direct Materials, Direct Labor, and Direct Variances

The doormat division of Clean Sweep Company produces all-vinyl mats. Each doormat calls for .4 meter of vinyl material: the material should cost $3.20 per meter. Standard direct labor hours and labor cost per format are .2 hour and $1.84 (.2x9.20 per hour), respectively. Currently the division's standard variable overhe

Description of Direct Labor Variances

Richie Ventura operates a commercial painting business in Sacramento, which has a very tight labor market. Much of his work focuses on newly constructed apartments and townhouses. The following data relate to crew no. 5 for a recently concluded period when 85 apartment units were painted: -Three new employees were assig

Question Response for Labor law

Question 1) Evaluate the role of organizational power structures (within a business organization) in creating conflict. Question 2) Compare and contrast the following alternative methods of dispute resolution: negotiation, mediation and arbitration. What are their similarities and what are their differences? What are t

Compute materials and labor price & quantity variances

Camping Out Co. manufactures down sleeping bags. Each sleeping bag requires 4 pounds of down and takes .3 hours of direct labor. The standard cost of the down used by Camping Out is $8 per pound and the standard labor cost is $10 per hour. In November, Camping Out purchased 15,000 pounds of down for $120,750. During the year, th

Solve: Material and Labor Variances

Sonne Company produces a perfume called Whim. The direct materials and direct labor standards for one bottle of Whim are given in a chart in the attached document. During the most recent month, the following activity was recorded: a. Twenty thousand ounces of material were purchased at a cost of $2.40 per ounce. b. All of

Material and Labor Variances

Exercise 10- 9 Material and Labor Variances [LO2, LO3] Topper Toys has developed a new toy called the Brainbuster. The company has a standard cost system to help control costs and has established the following standards for the Brainbuster toy: Direct materials: 8 diodes per toy at $0.30 per diode Direct labor: 1.2 hours pe

Direct Labor Budget

Exercise 9-4 Direct Labor Budget [LO5] The Production Department of the Riverside Plant of Junnen Corporation has submitted the following forecast of units to be produced at the plant for each quarter of the upcoming fiscal year. The plant produces high-end outdoor barbecue grills. 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Q

Treating Direct Labor as Variable Cost

Throughout the corporate world, businesses are transforming labor into a more flexible (and variable) cost. Among such companies are Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, DuPont, Sun Microsystems, and British Airways. Discuss whether direct labor is a fixed or a variable cost. What are the pros and cons of management treating di

M & S Company: Overhead Rate and Direct Labor

The M & S Company uses normal costing. The following information pertains to a recent production period: Estimated manufacturing overhead = $70,000 Actual manufacturing overhead = $82,000 Machine hours = 14,000 Actual machine hours = 14,500 Estimated direct labor hours = 2,000 Actual direct labor hours = 2,300 a. Dete

Business Development

Question 11: ________ is what a court does when it interprets a statute to determine the intent of the legislature when the statute was enacted. A Legislative history B Statutory construction C Judicial definition D Statutory resolution Question 12: Exemplary damages are also called A Compensato

Managerial decision making: GM and the union - how framing might be used

Recently, General Motors and the United Auto Workers had to sit down and negotiate a change in the labor agreement in order to keep the company from going bankrupt. Consider what might have gone on during these negotiations and discuss how framing might have been used, and what issues might have been discussed, in order to reach

Cost schedules for materials, labor, overhead and inventories

The following trial balance was taken from the records of Jones Company at the beginning of 2009. cash $5000 raw materials inventory 750 work in process inventory 1,200 finished goods inventory 2100 property, plant, and equipment 7500 accumulated depreciation

Standard Costs: Direct Labor and Markets

Need assistance with the following Problem 12-9 "Healing Touch" ? Problem 12-14 "Howard Binding" ? Problem 12-19 "Software Associates" ? Problem 12-22 "Trevino Golf Balls"

Employment Law and Labor Relations

INTERVIEW Find a person who works in a human resources area (this can include a business owner who has employees, as he or she IS the human resources department!). Interview the chosen person and gather the information listed below. Ask that person to explain to you: 1. How did you received your employment law tr

The Unionizing Process

You have worked in both union and non-union situations, so you're pretty well-versed in the unionizing process. Because Mildred Smit and Vice President Steve Zellner, have no experience in working with labor unions, your task is to provide them with information on the process and its impact on Busco. Using the Library and all ot


P 9-3 a. Calculate the Densian Naples plant overhead rate. b. How much overhead was absorbed to products in the Naples plant? c. Calculate the Denisan Naples plant's over- or under absorbed overhead. d. Describe the effect on income when the over- or under abosrbed overhead is written of to cost of goods sold. P 9-4 a.