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Union membership has declined in the public sector and private sector by over 1% each from 2010 to 2011. The number of employees in the union has declined by approximately 800,000 people since 2009. This is a result of many different issues and situations that the U.S. faces.

"One of the biggest reasons for this decline is the recent increase and trend of globalization. U.S. employees are in competition with millions of people outside of this country who are willing and able to work for a fraction of the pay demanded by union members. From a company perspective, if they have the ability to decrease operational costs by cutting compensation expense, they will undoubtedly do so.

A second reason why unions are on the decline is the increase in technology. Machines are doing many jobs more efficiently and effectively than people could ever dream of doing. An increase in automation in manufacturing is the leading cause. Companies' can and will save money by replacing humans with machines. It's kind of eerie."

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The two big reasons are the key on why U.S. unions are in decline. Since we have such a demand for technology because of the internet, email and various advertising adventures, one can note that there is not much of a need for having a coalition within a company to make sure that management complies ...

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