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Human resource management

The topic is related into Union Management Relation: The Future of Unions.

What do you see as the future of unions? Consider the following issues: Does the middle class still need unions? What about trends such as professionals (ex: doctors and nurses) joining unions? What about the impact of globalization?

If you were a union leader, what strategies would you use to increase the relevance of unions to the workforce of tomorrow?

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In the future, I see a meaningful role that unions can play. It will strengthen the solidarity of the workers, present a collective identity and help the bargain process. In future, they will be highly respected and they will have a larger membership than it is now. In future, the unions will ensure that the employees get their share of salaries and increase employment at the same time. Most of the productivity agreements in the future will be signed with the unions and the unions will represent the workers in a meaningful manner.

The middle class needs union because these were the families that have been forced to go into debt for making normal purchases. Only if more and more middle class workers join unions will they have more bargaining power. The Department of Labor shows that unionized workers take home ...

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