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    Questionnaire Answered on Unions, Labor Law, & Managerial

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    Unions, Labor Law, and Managerial Perspectives
    (Complete the questionnaire in Form 13.2.1 on page 646. Following this step, select three statements and conduct research to gain a greater understanding of these statements in this exercise. Based on this research, cross out any of your original ratings and replace them with "more educated" judgments. Then answer the following question

    Based on this research and analysis, how did your perspectives change, if any? Explain your rationale whether your views changed or remained the same.

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    Unions, Labor Law, and Managerial Perspectives
    (Complete the questionnaire in Form 13.2.1 on page 646.
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    # 37. Answered: The use of the UPI is legal under the NLRA? True

    It is legal to circulate employee satisfaction surveys. It appears that since the name was change for the UPI from Union Potential Index to Unresolved People Index - it is being distributed under this guise. It is legal to have employees fill out an employee satisfaction survey and this would fall under that category, but the NLRA holds that some surveys conducted violate the section 8(a)(1) as solicitations of grievances. As quoted from website: http://www.lrims.com/satisfaction-survey6.html

    Depending on the factual circumstances, the NLRB has held that some employee satisfaction surveys violate section 8(a)(1) as solicitations of grievances, while others do not. The Board relies on a number of factors when determining whether a survey violates the prohibition on soliciting grievances, including ...

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    There are several items covered in this solution with answers to:

    1) A survey questionnaire needed for course to be answered by third party.
    2) Whether the use of the UPI is legal under the NLRA
    3) Whether Union wages are not competitive in a global economy
    4) Whether Unions are a big help to workers.
    5) Whether management should be allowed to hire replacement workers immediately after a strike action.