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    Summarize Union Structure and Governance

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    Analyze the Evolution of Unions to Provide a Historical Perspective

    The human resources meeting went well and employees had many questions regarding the structure and governance of unions, should one be established. For the follow up meeting, develop a document in which we evaluate and summarize how unions are structured and governed in today's environment. The company is looking to have someone present the union structure and governance research to the heads of three divisions that are having the same questions about union governance and structures. Your immediate is goal to build a presentation that will educate the other divisions on what you have learned.

    How does current practice differ, if at all, from historical structures and governance? What should be changed about how unions are structured and governed to make union and managerial relationships stronger? How is this relationship between the union and management affected? If possible, support your viewpoint with local data.

    I will place into a power point presentation. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists.

    Support your presentation with at least five (5) scholarly resources.

    Length: 12-15 slides. Your presentation MUST include notes containing 150-200 words per slide (this is your script).

    Using current APA Formatting and style.

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    How does current practice differ, if at all, from historical structures and governance?

    The current policies that are utilized by unions in the United States differ from past governing structures and this is predicated upon the fact that unions have relied upon elections for the last approximately 70 years when previously up until the 30s and 40s, the governance was predicted upon affirmation through minority unions. This governing structure enabled by the National Labor Relations Act, allowed a small minority of employees to be represented by unionization until 50% of the employees were registered, which would enable the union to receive official certification. Therefore, more unions were in existence because members who may have represented a small contingent of the employee workforce had the ability to have unions bargain on their behalf without being officially recognized as union members.

    Once unions began to favor elections, these types of unions and their informal governance went out of style, which resulted in the current governance structure that relies upon elections.

    According to research compiled for this summary, there have traditionally been two types of unionism by unions, which include ...

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