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Discussing Bargaining Structures

Choose one bargaining structure and find a real-life example of how that structure is used. Write a short essay that describes the application and analyzes the effectiveness of the bargaining structure in the situation you have identified.

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Bargaining Structure:

Bargaining means negotiation between parties for price, terms, working condition etc. It is a process in which parties try to collect information about each other's preferences. It helps in search of a mutually acceptable agreement, so that offer can be exchanged (Zagelmeyer, 2004). Bargaining structure includes those employees that will be affected or covered by an agreement. It is also termed as a bargaining unit or level (Holley, Jennings & Wolters, 2008).

There are various types of bargaining structures such as narrow centralized, broad centralized, narrow decentralized and broad decentralized that could be used in different situations (Bendix, 2001).A narrow centralized bargaining structure takes place when a union or several unions represent particular sectors in a company or industry or as a diverse industry bargain mutually for collective interest ...

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In about 520 words, including references, this response addresses the topic of bargaining structures and illustrates the effectiveness of the various forms of bargaining structures in real-life situations.