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Negotiations and Transactions: Summary Self Evaluation

Self Assessment

Discuss the following as it relates to you.

Summary Self-Evaluation:address the following points:

1. Do I enjoy bargaining? Do I enjoy being in situations of conflict, and/or do I enjoy attempting to persuade others to my point of view? Why?

2. Do others see me as a good bargainer? Am I seen as strong or weak? Am I perceived as one who gives in easily, or holds out too long, or knows when to make concessions and tradeoffs?

3. How do I see myself in relation to the question in (2) above?

4. How effective am I at persuading others? How effective are my verbal skills to argue my points?

5. At what time do I feel most competent in bargaining? Least competent?

6. How do I respond when I hold the power in a situation? How do I respond when I have little or no power in a situation?

7. Overall, what are my major strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator, and what kind of learning goals must I set for myself for the future?

The key here in the end is the future. Have your views changed regarding these questions as a result of this class? Will you continue, based on this class, to improve your self assessment?

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I can help you- do you enjoy making a deal with others? I do. I like to negotiate to a certain extent, but just to make sure I am getting the best deal possible. I am not one of those people that want to negotiate just for the sake of negotiation. I like to help people see the way I see things but I don't engage in negotiation for the sake of stirring the pot or to create conflict. I know when to accept an offer. I am most often seen as strong. This is primarily because I do my homework and come armed with knowledge about the product or information in advance. I am firm and insistent in my objective, because I set a goal ahead of time and make a plan in ...

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This solution is a summary self evaluation discussing bargaining, how one is viewed as a bargainer by others, when one feels competent in a bargaining situation, the addition of power in the situation, and major strengths and weaknesses in bargaining. It includes examples.