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Role Negotiations Case Analysis

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Please address the following questions using the attached file.

1. Explain the differences between Role Negotiations and the attached Case Summary.
2. What other alternatives are available?
3. What would you recommend.

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Housing Helpers Case: Analyze the bargaining power of the union and the organization

Submit a paper that addresses the following components:
1. Assess the ability to continue operations (or take a strike). Is a strike imminent?
2. Analyze the bargaining power of both the union and the organization.
o Who do you believe has the upper hand in this negotiation? Support your position.
3. You will be assigned to a side in this impasse. Determine your side's best course of action.
o Do you think a strike is in your side's best interest? If so, play it out here. Include the details of what will happen to the workers, the company, and the union if a strike occurs. If, on the other hand you believe a strike is not in your best interest, what alternative method would you implement? Role play that scenario by including details of your chosen method.
o Whom do you involve? You may introduce any characters you need in your role play.
o Identify steps you would take to ensure your side wins. Use historical data to support your case.

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