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Labour Management and Relations

Bargaining powers and factors in union and non-union environments

Bargain Powers In a brief statement, describe how the negotiation interests of the employee and the employer interact in the bargaining environment with the understanding that the employee may or may not be represented by a union. Who has more bargaining power in what types of situations? Bargaining Factors Describe o

Why are CEO's of large companies being paid so much money?

Why are CEO's of the world's biggest companies being paid such large sums of money? Is this just compensation for an enormously difficult task or does the logic of rewards seem distorted? Discuss the argument that performance should be linked to pay - your discussion should include references to stock-option schemes, bonuses and

Age Discrimination in Employment Act, labor law, incorporation, OSHA, agency

1) The age Discrimination in Employment Act make it illegal for: A) employers to have a seniority system (B) employers to have a mandatory retirement age for most jobs (C) employers to know the age of job applicants before making a hiring decision (D) employers to hire only employees who are 40 and over (E) employers to have a

Criticism of Unions

Consider just one of the union's criticisms that accuses management of squandering funds. Is this any different than some of the white collar crime we read about? If you were consulting with a CEO of a national union or of a corporation, what advice would you give him or her to avoid the corruption of the past? Be specific with

National Union Issues

Analyze the relevancy of today's top 3 issues critical to the two national unions. What are the issues? Are the issues the same for both unions? What is the source of the statement presenting the issue: a particular political representative? A recent poll or some other source? Is this source reliable? Do you think the iss

Organized Labor Rationale

Organized Labor Rationale Considering the economic and social conditions of the 1930s, take on the role of a leader within a budding organized labor movement., prepare a proposal to management, which outlines the rationale to create an organized labor movement for an organization. Highlight specific concerns and current avenue

Frank Fountain and Paula Banks: Corporate Power

Women and people of color face unique challenges in acquiring power and influence in corporations. Read the following chapter: Cracking the Corporate Code The Revealing Success Stories of 32 African-American Executives By Price M. Cobbs, Judith L. Turnock What did

Legal Union Question

This is all I can filter out from your given website. Is there anyway you can help me to use this law and tie with this question and response. I am having so hard time to put it and tie with this question. One or two paragraph should be fine THank you Q#3 Some of the employees of Alpha Computers, Inc., decide that they

Cost Accounting

I need assistance with the following problemS: Looker Hats is planning to sell 600 felt hats, and 700 will be produced during June. Each hat requires ½ yard of felt and ¼ hour of direct labor. Felt costs $3.00 per yard and employees of the company are paid $20 per hour. How much is the total amount of budgeted direct labo

Human Resource Manager

I need help in developing what a HR manager would want to see for Fresh graduate from college HR management would want to see on attached skill sets. Please just look at the skills required as they are outline and help present ideas of what I can use to sell myself with your expert experience. I really want this job but I have n

Labor Relations & Labor Union Leadership

Analyze the current dissension among unions in the AFL-CIO. Several unions, including the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) have pulled out of the AFL-CIO. New national labor organizations such as UniteHere and Change to Win have been formed. Many more unions have made known their dissatisfact

Compensation in regards to union employees

I believe that unions are necessary in some forms of industries. However, if given a choice, unions would prefer to implement a skill based pay system than some form of gain sharing plan. What is the reasoning behind this philosophy?

Finding Direct materials price and quantity variances, direct labor rate and efficiency variences, variable overhead spending and efficiency variance, fixed overhead budget and volume variance.

Wonderful! Not only did our salespeople do a good job in meeting the sales budget this year,but our production people did a good jobn in controlling costs as well."said Anna jones, president of Hess inc. "Our $34,110 overall manufaturing cost variance is only 1.47% of the $2,320,000 standard cost of products made during the year

Manufacturing and Overhead Costs

Use the following information to answer questions 1 and 2: w. At the beginning of 20x7, estimated overhead costs were $156,000 and estimated direct labor hours were 20,800. Actual overhead costs amounted to $166,400, and 20,904 direct labor hours were worked. 1. What predetermined overhead rate should the law firm use to a

Management and Relations: Labor Law

1. What is a lockout in connection with labor law? a. an action by management to prevent workers from entering the company's premises. b. an action by workers to prevent customers from entering the company's premises. c. an action by workers to prevent management from entering the company's premises. d. an action by mana

Two common problems with data collection

Two common problems with data collection: 1. Extreme values of observations occur from errors in recording costs (for example, a misplaced decimal point), from nonrepresentative periods (for example, from a period in which a major machine breakdown occurred or from a period in which a delay in delivery of materials from an in

Direct Labor Variance - AirMeals Inc

AirMeals Inc prepares in flight meals for a number of major airlines. One of the company's products is stuffed cannelloni with roasted pepper sauce, fresh baby corn and spring salad. During the most recent week, the company prepared 6,000 of these meals using 1,150 direct labor hours. The company paid these direct labor workers

Labor Studies

This is a role-playing exercise, in which you are a conflict resolution consultant. Here is the scenario: As part of its attempt to be a good corporate neighbor, X-Cell, Inc. (a manufacturer of cell phones that has its corporate headquarters in your home town) donated 50 computers with broadband Internet access to the public

Low Labor Cost Advantages

Taking into account the wages, working conditions, and job opportunities, is the manufacturing of goods in countries with low labor cost advantageous to developed and developing countries alike? What would be a product manufactured by a developing country?

Introduction to International Labor Memo

Assignment: Introduction to International Labor Memo Consider the following scenario: Your company sells its products in many different countries. The Director of Exporting and Trade has decided to take on a number of interns over the summer to help the company communicate with its outlets within the various foreign countries

Direct Materials/Labor/Variances

Please help me with the following: The per-unit standards for direct materials are 2 gallons at $4 per gallon. Last month, 11,200 gallons of direct materials that actually cost $42,400 were used to produce 6,000 units of product. What was the direct materials quantity variance for last month? --------------------------------

Labor Relations - Happy Trails

The organization is a medium-sized independent living home, Happy Trails, LLC. It is a for-profit facility located in a suburban environment. Due to traffic and road congestion, this eldercare facility is the most convenient independent living home near the city. Independent living homes in the city offer many of the same servic

Unions and the Collective Bargaining Process

Explain how unions are formed. Explain the collective bargaining process. Describe what happens when collective bargaining breaks down. Describe a typical grievance procedure.

Description of Variance Analysis

The Clayton Company uses a standard cost system in which manufacturing overhead costs are applied to units of the company's single product on the basis of direct labor-hours (DLHs). The standard cost card for the product follows: Please see attached file for full problem description. Problem 1 Questions:

Employees' Union - Assume that you-as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant-have heard rumors that the union, which has been virtually inactive until now, is planning to take complaints to upper management.

Assume that you-as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant-have heard rumors that the union, which has been virtually inactive until now, is planning to take complaints to upper management. 2. What type of plan could be presented to upper management, which could prevent the need for union action. Explain how this plan can also