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Labour Management and Relations

Labor Relations Project:1. What would you advise the LPNs to do? Should they unionize? What are the advantages and disadvantages of unionizing at Happy Trials?2. What issues might the union raise during the organizing effort?3. What steps must the LPNs follow to unionize?4. What unfair labor practices need to be avoided by LPNs?

Happy Trails Scenario Happy Trails, LLC. is a medium-sized independent living home, a for-profit facility located in a suburban environment. Due to traffic and road congestion, this eldercare facility is the most convenient independent living home near the city. Independent living homes in the city offer many of the same serv

Labor Relations

Assistance is needed with Labor Relations in regard to "Last Chance Agreeemtn versus Just Cause Progressive Discipline.

Define and Examine Unions and Labor Relations: impact, relevance

Labor Relations Paper a. Define unions and labor relations and their impact on organizations. b. Examine the impact of changes in employee relations strategies, policies,and practices on organizational performance. c. Answer the question "Are unions still relevant in the United States?" In addition yo

Happy Trails Labor Relations Unionization Advice

Provide answers to the below questions based on the Happy Trails scenario. (Provide any references used.) The independent living home management team has asked for your advice: 1. What would you advise the independent living home management to do? Should they oppose unionization? 2. What arguments or defenses might the h

Role of a supervisor in labor negotiations

Supervisors are often confused as to how they should behave during a union organizing campaign. Identify five actions a supervisor should take and three actions the supervisor should avoid. Why is it important for senior administrators to communicate frequently with supervisors before and during the negotiation of a labor agr

Organizations as Organisms

See attached files. Organizations as Organisms - living organisms, seeking to adapt and survive in a changing environment Part A: After reading the attached articles (Part 2A Attachment), compare the "military unit" and the "symphony" as examples of different kinds of living systems, noting both similarities and differe


A recent study reported that instructors at colleges and universities are frequently required to engage in emotional labor. Identify the situations in which emotional labor is required for this job. In your opinion, is emotional labor more troublesome for college instructors or for telephone operators working at an emergency ser

Labor Price Variance & Total Quantity Variance

Company X has set their standard labor rate at $25 per hour and a particular job has a standard time of 2.5 hours to complete. The company accountant is looking over last months results for this job, and, the accountant sees that the actual labor rate was $32 per hour and the time to complete each job was 1.8 hours. The company

Public Relations and Technology

Please provide original answer: Do you think that new technologies will facilitate or hamper creativity in public relations? Give at least three examples.

Prepare and Analyze a Direct Labor Budget

Ceco Grass Care is a small lawn maintenance service that provides a variety of landscape services. A large part of Ceco's sales are generated through lawn maintenance. Jeff Roberts manages Ceco. Jeff reviewed the job order log for the next 12 weeks (three months ending July 26th, 2005), and the log is full. Ceco recently acquire

Direct material and labor variances

See attached file. Controller Tri Nuygen is analyzing the direct material and direct labor variances for 2008. He asks you to prepare a memo outlining what to investigate and why. The following information comes from the accounting records Required Compute the appropriate direct material and direct labor variances.

LFM Corporation: Budgeted direct labor costs for June

LFM Corporation makes and sells a product called Product WZ. Each unit of Product WZ requires 3.5 hours of direct labor at the rate of $16.00 per direct labor hour. Management would like you to prepare a Direct Labor Budget for June. The company plans to sell 31,000 units of Product WZ in June. The finished goods inventories

Business accounting

Rapache Clothiers is a small company that manufactures tall-men's suits. The company has used a standard cost system. In May 2008, 11,200 suits were produced.The following standard and actual cost data applied to the month of May when normal capacity was 14,000 direct labor hours. All materials purchased were used. Cost Elemen

Quantity Variance for Direct Material & Direct Labor

Scenario: Shanghai Toy Company produces 10,000 stuffed bears. The standard direct-material allowance is 1.75 kilograms per bear, at a cost per kilo of $3. Actually, 16,500 kilos if materials (input) were used to produce the 10,000 bears (output). Similarly, the standard allowance for direct labor is 4.6 hours to produce one bear

Minimize labor cost in a nursing home with solver

A nursing home wants to minimize costs. A RN costs the nursing home $50 an hour, while a Licensed practical nurse(LPN) costs $35 an hour. For every 3 LPN's on the floor, an RN must also be present. A physical therapist (PT) costs the nursing home $55/hr while a PTA (physical therapy assistant) costs $40. For every 3 PTA's o

Prepare Flexible Manufacturing Overhead Budget

Twyla Company uses a flexible budget for manufacturing overhead based on direct labor hours. Variable manufacturing overhead cost per direct labor hour as follows. Indirect Labor $1.00 Indirect Material 0.60 Utilities 0.40 Fixed overhead cost per month are: Supervision $4,000, Depreciation $1 500, and prop

Homegoods return on investment; Brown Co material and labor variances

The 2007 income statement for the east division of the Homegoods Company is as follows: Sales $2,000,000 Operating expenses 1,250,000 Net operating income 750,000 Interest expense 150,000 Earnings before taxes 600,000 Tax expense (40%) 240,000 Net Income $360,000 If this division's invested capital is $3,000,000 then

Calculations for Arthur Manufacturing Company

Arthur Manufacturing Company produces a component part of a top secret military communication device. Standard production and cost data for the part, Product X, follow. Planned production 40,000 units Per unit direct materials 2lbs. @ $2.16 per lb. Per unit direct labor

Justifying unfavorable direct labor efficiency variance

Ron LaTulip oversees projects for ACE Construction Company. Recently, the company's controller sent him a performance report regarding the construction of the Campus Highlands Apartment Complex, a project that LaTulip supervised. Included in the report was an unfavorable direct labor efficiency variance of $1,900 for roof struct

What is division of labor?

What is meant by division of labor? What are blue-collar, white-collar, and pink-collar segments of the workforce? Provide examples of each.

Compute Hansenko material Reynolds variable overhead variance

COST MANAGEMENT ? Hansenko Company manufactures 100-pound bags of fertilizer that have the following unit standard costs for direct materials and direct labor:  Direct materials (100 lbs. @ $1.00 per lb.)$100.00  Direct labor 12.00  (0.5 hours at $24 per hour)  Total

Marginal and average productivity: technological innovation

1. What would be expected to happen to marginal and average productivity if a technological innovation that improves productivity is introduced to the production process? 2. How might diminishing marginal productivity be expected to impact the costs of production in your organization -- If not certain, choose another organiza