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Postal Carrier discharge

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Please help by answering the questions pasted below. Also, I attached a guideline to follow.

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Thanks for all your help.

Case Analysis Guidelines
The following guidelines are designed to assist in the case analysis process. The Guidelines are not intended to be a rigid format, however. Each question is intended to surface information that will be helpful in analyzing and resolving the case. Each case is different, and some parts of these guidelines may not apply in every case.
Following each case are discussion questions that should be answered as part of any complete case analysis. The heart of any case analysis is the recommendations made based upon a solid logical and ethical foundation. The questions dealing with Problem and Issue Identification and Analysis and Evaluation should be used to define and then defend recommendations made in the final Recommendations step.
Problem and Issue Identification
1. What are the central facts of the case? What assumptions are you making about these facts?
2. What is the major overriding issue in the case? What major question or issues does this case address that merits study at this point in the course?
3. What sub-issues or related issues are present in the case that merit consideration now?
Analysis and Evaluation
1. Who are the stakeholders in the case and what are their stakes? What challenges, threats or opportunities are posed by these stakeholders?
2. What economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities does the company have, and what is the nature and extent of these responsibilities?
3. If the case involves company actions, what did the company do or not do in handling the issue affecting it.
What recommendations do you have for this case?
If a company's strategies or actions are involved, should the company have acted as it did?
What action should the company take now? Why?
Be as specific as possible. List several options as well as the pros and cons of each alternative. Be prepared to discuss why you eliminated those options you discarded and defend you chosen alternative.
Mention and discuss any important implementation considerations. This last is crucial because recommendations that cannot be implemented are worthless.

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The nexus in this case simply means the connection between the alleged crime that is committed and the job of Allen. The connection between the crime committed by the workers and this normal job would be the nexus. In this case, the nexus is furnished by the management that claims that since, Allen was a rural letter carrier and had to meet the members of the public every day. The people would know of the charges that had been brought against him. His image would affect his duties.
An arrest means to take into custody. This is the act of depriving the person of his liberty. An indictment is the act of charging a person with some offense. In this case Allen has been charged with one count of arson, and ten counts of burglary. A conviction is a legal finding of guilt in a criminal trial. After the trail, if the judge/jury finds Allen guilty, he will be convicted.
a. High weight: If Mr. Como testifies that he did not make the decision to remove Allen it would vindicate the position of the Union that Article 16 of the National Agreement had been violated;
b. High weight: It would establish Allen's guilt because he had been involved in arson, further, it would show that Allen was not a violent or unrepentant person.
c. Medium weight: The case can be taken to trial at a later date.
d. High Weight: The support from Allen's customers and community can be introduced at a criminal trial. The prosecution however, will introduce counter evidence of Allen's bad character.
e. Low Weight: The effect on Allen's co-employee is not very important because Allen is indicted of an off-site crime.

#4. It does make a difference that Allen is employed in a public sector, instead of private sector. The employment contract is covered by the National Agreement whereas in case of the private sector there is an agreement between the union, and the employer. In addition, government unions are unreasonable in their demands and routinely negotiate higher salaries and wages for their members. Further, there is compulsory unionism in the government that causes the unions to be unreasonable. In case of Allen, the fact that he is a government organization makes the union more protective of Allen, disapproves reasonable actions taken by the employer, and introduces political elements (e.g. That Allen was not dismissed by his direct employer).
#5. The Postal Service did not act appropriately when it did not grant Mr. Bolton's request for information relevant to Allen's grievance. The reason is during the discovery process Postal Service is supposed to provide information relevant to Allen's grievance. For example a the Federal Level, the Federal ...

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