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Labour Management and Relations

Baxter Company: Work in process: solve for missing amounts

Baxter Company developed the following data for the current year: Beginning work in process inventory $150,000 Direct materials used 90,000 Actual overhead 180,000 Overhead applied 135,000 Cost of goods manufactured 165,000 Total manufacturing costs 450,000 Baxter Company's direct labor

This article is about the high turnover rate of Lima employees. The organization is actively restructuring their internal framework in order to reduce costs and gain more productivity. Initially the organization had three-eight hour shifts, the company decided to integrate two 12 hour shifts instead because the organization determined that it was a cost effective option with increased performance potential. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the hourly workers versus the line workers, they considered the organization facilitated an uneven playing field for the reason that a very small amount of employees were college graduates, the graduates would have access to promotions and high-salary paying jobs despite the tenure of employees that has been with the organization for several years. The high turnover was a direct reflection of the percentage of employees that possess a college degree in which case current employees have the minimum qualifications but not enough to meet the overwhelming production demands. The organization feels that a formal training method would enable employees to become more knowledgeable of company policies and procedures especially in terms of labor relations. A formal training approach may reduce turnaround and enable the company to retain and retrain their employees. Consequently, employees were dissatisfied with the current employment structure and felt undervalued and overworked as a result. Lima's performance objectives declined significantly, for the reason that only 45% of the new hires were able to pass the entrance exam and/or skills aptitude tests. If more employees and/management were equipped with a college degree, the organization would be in a much better competitive position.

Summary of the case This article is about the high turnover rate of Lima employees. The organization is actively restructuring their internal framework in order to reduce costs and gain more productivity. Initially the organization had three-eight hour shifts, the company decided to integrate two 12 hour shifts instead beca

Program Managment-Weighted scoring model

Use a weighted scoring model to choose between three locations (A,B,C) for setting up a factory. The relative weights for each criterion are shown in the following table. A score of 1 represents unfavorable, 2 satisfactory, and 3 unfavorable. Category Weight A B C

Joint Participation Process

Provide reasons why a union leader might be hesitant to engage in a joint participation process. In other words, what is it about a participation process that might bother a union leader? Would these factors influence you if you were a union leader?

Standard cost direct material and direct labor variances

Arrow Industries employs a standard cost system in which direct materials inventory is carried at standard cost. Arrow has established the following standards for the direct costs of one unit of product: Quantity Price Cost Direct materials 8 pounds $1.80 per pound $14.40 Direct labor 0.25 hour $8.00 per hour 2.00_ $16.40 Du

Create a Labor and Manufacturing Budget - Jessi Corporation

Sales and Production Budgets: The marketing department of Jessi Corporation has submitted the following sales forecast for the upcoming fiscal year (all sales are on account): 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Units to be produced 12,000 14,000 13,000 11,000 The selling price of the company's product

Product cost margin

The new president of the Wernecke Company was stumped. Why had profits gone down? He had directed the sales department to push the product with the highest contribution margin, and the sales department had come through with flying colors. The percent of flams sold had increased from 25% to 37.5% of units sold. So what happen

Fair Labor Standards Act in Relation to Workers and Companies

Q1. What impact does the need to pay overtime have upon an organization's budget in the long-term? Any thoughts? Q2. If the government and various organizations are working around the rules and expectations of FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), what value does FLSA really have for the average worker or company? Why? Any thought

Gross Profit/total cost/labor cost

1) A business has trade payables (creditors) of $8000 and a bank over draft of $2000.its current ratio is 2:1 and its quick (acid test) ratio is 1.5:1. What is the value of its inventory (stock)? A $4000, b $5000, c $ 28 000, d $ 35 000 2) The following information is given about four products. Which product makes the most gro

International Strategy; Product Structure; Market Size Index

1. Analyze arguments made by representatives of Nepal and other poor countries in justifying the child labor they utilize. 2. What is the difference between strategic planning conducted in domestic companies and that conducted in international companies? 3. Compare and contrast geographic and product structures for inter

factory overhead read, underapplied, direct labor cost,

Fill in the unknowns Case 1 a. Budgeted factory overhead: $600,000 b. Cost-allocation base, budgeted direct-labor cost: 400,000 c. Budgeted factory-overhead rate: ? d. Direct labor cost incurred: 570,000 e. Factory overhead incurred: 830,000 f. Factory overhead applied: ? g. Underapplied (overapplied) factory overhead:

Interpret material, labor and overhead variances for Ben Fun

Problem is also in word file which has better formatting to see the table amounts. ---------------------- Ben Fun, Inc., manufactures video games. Market saturation and technological innovations have caused pricing pressures, which have resulted in declining profits. To stem the slide in profits until new products can be i

Condor Corporation Case Study: Budget Creation

Condor Corporation manufactures two different types of coils used in electric motors. In the fall of the current year, the controller compiled the following data. - Sales forecast for 20x3 (all units to be shipped in 20x3): Product Units Price Light coil .....................................................................

Define Affirmative Action; social events in developing unions

1. Define Affirmative Action. Which employers are subject to Affirmative Action laws? What potential impact does Affirmative Action have on employees and the workplace? 2. What social events helped to create the need for the development of unions? What is the impact of unionization on employment laws? How has the creation

Plantwide predetermined overhead rates using labor

Direct material 2,500 pounds (.75 per pound) Direct labor 300 hours (7.50 per hour) Overhead per dept (est.) $6,000 Direct labor (est.) 300 hours (200 in molding and 100 in firing) Machine hours (est.) 200 (50 in molding and 150 in firing) factory rent $3,000 fac

Learning Curves in setting standards for materials and labor

Please indicate whether the following statement is true or false, then support your view. If we use learning curves in setting standards, it's likely that the standard costs for materials and labor per unit of output will be lower in year 2010 than they will be in 2001, assuming we are making the same product from 2001 to 201