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Labour Management and Relations

New contract with its labor union

In two particular departments, the supervisors suspect significant drug use on the part of the employees. Other supervisors are not sure if their departments have this problem. Several of the more serious plant accidents had some under-the-influence element as their cause, and you agree with him. Whether it is true or not, expen

Calculating and explaining labor price and usage variances

Exercise 22-14A Calculating and explaining labor price and usage variances Raman and Sons, a CPA firm, established the following standard labor cost data for completing what the firm referred to as a Class 2 tax return. Raman expected each Class 2 return to require 4.0 hours of labor at a cost of $50 per hour. The firm actually

BA 510; Accounting for Decision Making and Control, Seventh Edition P 12-15

12-15: Ed Koehler started Great Southern Furniture five years ago to assemble prefabricated bedroom furniture for large hotel chains. Hotel purchase furniture (beds, night stands, and chests of drawers) from manufacturers who ship the furniture to the hotels unassembled. Koehler sends a site supervisor and a small crew of emplo

HR dealings with Unions, replacement workers, UPI under NLRA, and a survey

Unions, Labor Law, and Managerial Perspectives (Complete the questionnaire in Form 13.2.1 on page 646. Following this step, select three statements and conduct research to gain a greater understanding of these statements in this exercise. Based on this research, cross out any of your original ratings and replace them with "mor

1. Ford Motor Company is a worldwide conglomerate that sells cars internationally. For most of 2008, their foreign operations were very profitable and growing. In contrast, Ford's US operations were saddled with high labor costs, poor market penetration and were highly unprofitable.

1. Ford Motor Company is a worldwide conglomerate that sells cars internationally. For most of 2008, their foreign operations were very profitable and growing. In contrast, Ford's US operations were saddled with high labor costs, poor market penetration and were highly unprofitable. How has Ford managed to do so well interna

Construct the direct labor budget for Dwayne Corporation

Please help with the following problem. Dwayne Corporation is working on its direct labor budget for the next two months. Each unit of output required 0.29 direct labor hours. The direct labor rate is $7.00 per direct labor hours. The production budget calls for producing 5,600 units in June and 6,100 units in July. Requi

describe these influences as increasing or decreasing, and indicate the direction of the resulting movement along or shift in the relevant labor demand and/or supply curve(s). Will wage rates rise or fall?

Demand and supply conditions in the market for unskilled labor are an important concern to business and government decision makers. Consider the case of a federally-mandated minimum wage set above the equilibrium or market clearing wage level. Some of the following factors have the potential to influence the demand or quantity d

Brass Creations direct labor cost; DMA Standard absorption cost

1. Brass Creations Co. makes decorative candle pedestals. An industrial engineer consultant developed ideal time standards for one unit of the Cambridge model pedestal. The standards follow, along with the cost accountantâ??s determination of current labor pay rates: Worktype 1 0.20 hour @ $18.40 per hour Workty

Direct Labor Efficiency Variance and Direct Labor Rate Variance

Explorer Inc, manufactures lanterns for camping. the company's direct labor rates have been set by the terms of the current labor contract. Direct labor rate standards have been assigned for each job classification. In May 20xx, a young apprentice was being trained during regular working hours to become a machine operator on on

Computing the Direct Labor Efficiency and Rate Variance

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Company manufactures only one product x. The company uses a standard cost system and has established the following standards per unit of product x: Standard Quantity Standard Price Standard Cost Direct Materials 3.0 lbs.

Unfair labor practices

For a number of years union membership has been steadily declining, except in healthcare and information technology. Financial pressures, mergers, and constant change has created insecurity and uncertainty for the first time in healthcare, creating an atmosphere where a union is welcomed. Define an unfair labor practice and

Solving a Direct Labor Cost Problem

"Sometimes direct-labor cost is the best cost-allocation base for overhead application even if wage rates vary within a department." Do you agree or disagree? Explain. Identify two other cost allocation bases and give examples of how they may be used to allocate overhead.

Labor Relations process

# Apart from labor, management and the government, what are some of the other groups or subgroups that may be considered â??stakeholdersâ? and/or â??playersâ? in the Labor Relations process? # Give a justification for each of the additional groups or subgroups that you name.

Flexible Budget, Direct Materials and Direct Manufacturing Labor Variances

Tuscany Statuary manufactures bust statues of famous historical figures. All statues are the same size. Each unit requires the same amount of resources. The following information is from the static budget for 2009: Expected production and sales 5,000 units Direct materials 50,000 pounds Direct manufacturing labor

Discuss: US union membership has declined in the public and private sector

Can you comment on below? Union membership has declined in the public sector and private sector by over 1% each from 2010 to 2011. The number of employees in the union has declined by approximately 800,000 people since 2009. This is a result of many different issues and situations that the U.S. faces. "One of the biggest

Employment and labor law problem

Please help answer the following questions. What constitutes harassment? What is the role of the administrator? What are the penalties? What constitutes retaliation? What types of questions cannot be asked in an interview? Please cite your sources.

(ILR) Industrial labor relation

# Find a link on the Internet to a video performance or sound recording of a song that deals with a union organizing or a labor dispute. # Briefly explain what the song is about, including its historical significance, and the subject matter of its lyrics. (Hint: songwriters who composed or covered these sorts of songs in the

Labor Cost Controls - Small Businesses

What strategies that small businesses can use to keep the labor costs under control? Identify at least three feasible strategies and support them with appropriate rationale.