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Best Bathware Co: Direct Materials Direct Labor variances

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Best Bathware Company manufactures faucets in a small manufacturing facility. The faucets are made from zinc. Manufacturing has 50 employees. Each employee presently provides 36 hours of labor per week. Information about a production week is as follows:

Standard wage per hr. $14.60
Standard labor time per faucet 15 min.
Standard number of lbs. of ZInc 1.6 lbs
Standars price per lb. of zinc $11.50
Actual Price per lb of zinc. $11.75
Number of faucets produced during the week 12,400lbs.
Actual wage per hr. $15.00
Actual hrs. per week 1800hrs

Determine the direct labor rate variance, direct labor time variance, and total direct labor cost variance. Use the minus sign to enter favorable variances as negative numbers.

Rate variance: $
Time variance: $
Total direct labor cost variance: $

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Labor rate variance:
$15.00 actual labor rate vs. $14.60 standard labor rate  unfavorable ...