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Labour Management and Relations

"Hurst Mats"

Hurst Mats manufactures custom replacement floor mats for automobiles. The floor mats are made of spun nylon on highly automated, expensive machinery. Hurst manufactures two mat styles: Plush and Deluxe. Hurst's unionized work force makes it difficult for Hurst to compete on price. So far it has been able to successfully compete

Union at Hummingbird Manufacturing

** Please see the attached files for complete details! ** Please answer the following questions (12 pt. Times new roman, min. 3/4 page, single spaced) Labor Relations - Questions 1. Will you permit the union meeting to be held as scheduled tomorrow at lunch? Why or why not? 2. What efforts can you legally take to prevent

Direct Material and Direct Labor-Variances

* Attached picture is a scan of the full problem. I am looking for direction as to how to complete this problem. I am not very good with managerial accounting. During March Manhattan Fabrics Corporation manufactured 1,000 units of a special multilayer fabric with the trade name Stylex. The following information from the Styl

Employee Industrial Relations

Please view the below attachment for assignment specifics. Thank you. Employee Industrial Relation After you've read the background materials and have gained insight into the complexity of employee and industrial relations, please write a 4-5 page paper, not including cover and reference pages, in which you: Evaluate the

Labor relations: Discussing Paradoxes

Need assistance and insight discussing the following statements. Any help is greatly appreciated. 1.It has been said that "unions are for capitalism for the same reason that fish are for water," Elobrate upon this statement, drawing from the historical record. 2.Explain the following paradox: Until relatively recent y

Compute COGS, direct labor, percentage increases

Please help with the following problem. 1. A manufacturing company has a beginning finished goods inventory of $14,600, raw material purchases of $18,000, cost of goods manufactured of $32,500, and an ending finished goods inventory of $17,800. The cost of goods sold for this company is: 2. A company's prime costs total $

Managerial: Beres Corp, Johns Company, factory overhead, indirect labor

1. Beres Corporation has developed the following flexible budget formula for annual indirect labor cost: Total costs = $9,600 + $0.75 per machine hour Operating budgets for the current month are based on 30,000 hours of planned machine time. The amount of indirect labor costs included in this planned budget is A. $2,425.

MA_U10_34-38: Wright Corp, Walker Co, labor and material variance,

MA_U10_34-38: please see attachment for problems. 34. Wright Corporation began its operations on September 1 of the current year. Budgeted sales for the first three months of business are $240,000, $300,000, and $420,000, respectively, for September, October, and November. The company expects to sell 20% of its merchandise fo

Who sets standards; variances in rate, quantity, labor, materials

1. Several people play an essential part in setting standards. Which of the following is incorrect as to setting standards? Accountants express judgment in dollars and cents. Engineers identify material, labor, and machine requirements. Human resource managers provide personnel information.

Four Employment Situations - References and Due Diligence Worksheet

You are a mid-level manager at Pacific-Oregon University (POU), a large private university, and have been asked to provide your boss, department director Pat Grey, with advice on several situations currently facing the department. Pat knows that you have recently completed a course in employment law, and asks that you identify w

You are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of this struggling airline, which faces labor problems, cash flow difficulties, and competition from low-cost carriers. The financial details are:

You are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of this struggling airline, which faces labor problems, cash flow difficulties, and competition from low-cost carriers. The financial details are: Revenue last year was $400 million Operating costs were $300 million (20% marketing, 25% fuel, and 55% labor) Gross profit was $

Labor relations and their impact on organizations

A response which examines the following: a.Defines unions and labor relations and their impact on organizations. b.Examines the impact of changes in employee relations strategies, policies, and practices on organizational performance. c.Answers the question "Are unions still relevant in the United States?" And touche

MCQ: Labor relations, expensive benefits, grievance, arbitrator

A commonly accepted proposition is that an organization's production is a combination of: __a. machinery and equipment, employee labor, and managerial ability. __b. machinery and equipment, employee labor, and foreign competition. __c. employee labor, managerial ability, and plant location. __d. managerial ability, plant

MCQ: The entry to record direct labor costs into production in a job order cost accounting system is _______. The recording of the jobs shipped and customers billed would include a debit to _______. What is the amount of overapplied or underapplied manufacturing overhead at the end of the year?

4. The entry to record direct labor costs into production in a job order cost accounting system is _______. a) debit Factory Overhead, credit Work in Process b) debit Finished Goods, credit Wages Payable c) debit Work in Process, credit Wages Payable d) debit Factory Overhead, credit Wages

Manjiri Corporation: Calculate price, quantity, labor and efficiency variances

The Manjiri Corporation uses a standard cost system. It produces deluxe widgets and budgets for 1000 units to be produced and sold during the current year. The budgeted sales price per widget is $400. The standard cost per deluxe widget is listed below. The firm allocates manufacturing overhead using direct labor hours.

Strike or Labor Dispute

Prepare a brief report about a famous strike or labor dispute. The report should explain the dispute and why the action was or was not successful. Please reference your source(s)

Direct Material and Direct Labor Variances

The following standards were developed for a line of lightposts: Standard Inputs Expected for Each Unit of Output Standard Price per Achieved Unit of Input Direct materials 5 pounds $10 p

Managing Conflict

You are the Owner - CEO of a small job shop machine tool company. You have 35 employees, most of whom are highly skilled machinists who belong to Local 999 of the International Brotherhood of Good Guys Union. Generally, you are an open manager with an abiding sense of fair play and ethics. For this reason, you have been able to

Maximum Amount of Contribution Margin

Wood Carving Corporation manufactures three products. Because of a recent lack of skilled wood carvers, the corporation has had a shortage of available labor hours. The following per unit data relates to the three products of the corporation: Letter Openers Elvis Statues Candle Holders Sales price $31 $83 $65 Variable c