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    International Strategy; Product Structure; Market Size Index

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    1. Analyze arguments made by representatives of Nepal and other poor countries in justifying the child labor they utilize.

    2. What is the difference between strategic planning conducted in domestic companies and that conducted in international companies?

    3. Compare and contrast geographic and product structures for international companies.

    4. Do a country's imports completely measure the market potential for a product? Why or why not?

    5. What do the market size index and the market growth rate index tell you?

    6. What do the market size index and the market growth rate index tell you?

    Many global businesses based in the United States use contract manufacturers to subcontract assembly work to independent companies overseas. Nike and The Gap have both faced criticism from social justice organizations about overseas worker conditions. But, are they really responsible? What is the role (or lack of role) that international businesses have when using contract manufacturers?

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    1. Child labor is a tricky subject especially in countries where childhood is considered more of privilege rather than right. In poor countries like Nepal and Bangladesh child labor is very common and the argument presented by these countries in favor of this act is that child labor is necessary for them to be able to industrialize. These countries argue that not all families would have the means and resources to be able to give a good childhood to their children. There is not enough money for food and clothes leave aside the education. These countries provide children an opportunity to work in factories where conditions are not exploitative as they used to be earlier. The income earned by children, however small, was necessary to sustaining themselves and their families. If child labor is completely shut off, it would have negative consequences on families. Child labor is required for poor countries to develop; since children are cheap laborers, they help a country build up its industry.

    2. Strategic planning in a domestic company would be to maximize sales of its products and services within a single country. In case of domestic company, strategic planning focuses on acquiring resources locally and selling products so as to maximize the profit for the company.

    In an international company, strategic planning focuses on acquiring resources from international markets and selling products and services in international markets. International strategy is a comprehensive management technique that is used by company to operate and compete effectively ...

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    International strategy, product structures and market size index is examined.