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Apollo Corp Business Violation: Analysis and Recommendations

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I need help with the following Case study on The Union Drive at Apollo Corp: ULPS and Organizing Tactics:

Name the Case
Review/ analysis of the case
Analysis of Findings
Summary and conclusion

Below are the questions to be answered:

What, if any violation of the law did Apollo Corporation commit?
What arguments will Jean Lipski and Bob Thomas use to support their case?
List things that managers should not do lest they commit unfair labor practices

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Review/analysis of the case - Bob Thomas was discharged after nineteen years of working as a plant maintenance engineer with Apollo Corporation. During his time working there, Bob had received average to below-average performance appraisals, was a troublemaker, was highly critical of management, and had a very poor attendance record. However, this poor attendance was never an issue for management, due to a lack of supervision and carelessness about disciplining employees with poor performance problems. However, when a new manager (Jean Lipski) came in, all of this was about to change. Lipski pressured supervisors to tighten up their supervisory relationship with employees and begin disciplinary action against employees not conforming to company policy. In opposition to this change, Bob called the union organizer, Sam Shapiro, and began a union drive at Apollo. Consequently, Bob's involvement with the union drive ended up with his termination from Apollo. The stated reasons for his termination were due to his "poor performance and unsatisfactory attendance." As a result, both Thomas and Shapiro filed an unfair labor practice charge on Thomas' behalf, stating that he was fired because ...

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A work practice conflict arose between an employee and the company he works for, that ultimately turned into a legal conflict with the union's involvement. This case set a precedence for employers and their need to uphold fair labor practices, as well as the need for knowledge of union practices. A thorough assessment of the conflict is made and recommendations are given.

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