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Unfair Labor Practices

1. Under what circumstances can employers poll employees to determine their desire to join a union?

2. Discuss the difference between an employer's support of and domination of a union.

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// While writing this paper, we will go through the definition of Bargaining unit and unfair labor practices followed by the circumstances under which the employees can join the union. Lastly, we will focus on the difference between the employers' support and domination of union followed by conclusion.//

A bargaining unit in labor relations refers to a set of employees who have a defined and achievable goal which are represented by single union either in collective bargaining or in other transactions with management. For example, blue collar workers, clerical employees, etc. Bargaining unit does not relate to the size of the company. There should be at least three employees to form bargaining unit and they must have the support of majority of employees who are the part of bargaining unit. It is not necessary that the employees should be the member of a union. The bargaining units could be formed in a small segment of a large company (Friedman, 1994).

Unfair labor practices refer to those actions that are taken by the employers or unions to breach the National Labor Relations Act and other legislation. Under section 8 of Labor Relations Act, when certain type of impermissible behavior is being done by the employers ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 803 words with references.