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    Women and the Minority in the Labor Force (1914-1929)

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    Discuss the role of women and minority races in the labor force. Evaluate the gains and losses in power and prestige of each 1914-1929 time frame, APA-format.

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    Women and The Minorities (1914-1929)

    In the US since the 50's, when we discuss 'the minorities' as a demographic it did not only pertain to ethnicities, it also pertained to underrepresented, even discriminated-against groups. These of course included gays, women and ethnic minorities. To understand the role of these demographics in the time frame of 1914-1925, we have to take into consideration the concept of civil rights and the events between 1914-1929. It was in 1914 when the Railroad leading to California via the Southern Pacific Railroad. Now we have the Equal Pay Act and guarantees on equality in place via legislation (and even then gender-related labour issues still abound), back then though, feminism was a 'radical' philosophy and movement only entertained by a few and while it was ideal, America was as patriarchal as ever with women segregated to 'roles' -motherhood, the hearth and home. Baking, cooking, sewing, gardening, church & religious sentiments/activities - they are attributes of a good American Woman who keeps a 'solid' home and goes to church every Sunday. Many a good 'young lady' would be married 'off' by her family to a suitable match whether or not she was 'in love' or had great skills and schooling from ...

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    The solution provides a historical narrative on Women and The Minorities (1914-1929) and the role that they played in the labor force in this period of American history discussing their status in society, opportunities, and events that led to greater freedoms as well as restrictions. This solution is 863 words, follows the APA-format and is written in an essay form with references.