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Direct Materials, Direct Labor, and Direct Variances

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The doormat division of Clean Sweep Company produces all-vinyl mats.

Each doormat calls for .4 meter of vinyl material: the material should cost $3.20 per meter. Standard direct labor hours and labor cost per format are .2 hour and $1.84 (.2x9.20 per hour), respectively.

Currently the division's standard variable overhead rate is $1.50 per direct labor hour, and its standard fixed overhead rate is $.80 per direct labor hour.

In August, the division manufactured and sold 60,000 doormats. During the month, it used 25,200 meters of vinyl material; the total cost of the materials was $73,080. The total actual overhead costs for August were $28,200 of which $18,200 was variable.

The total # of direct labor hours worked was 10,800 and the factory payroll for direct labor for the month was $95,040. Budgeted fixed overhead for August was $9,280. Normal monthly capacity for the year was set at 58,000 documents.


1. Compute for August the (a) direct materials price variance, (b) direct materials quantity variance, (c) direct labor rate variance, (d) direct labor efficiency variance, (e) variable overhead spending variance, (f) variable overhead efficiency variance (g) fixed overhead budget variance, and (h) fixed overhead volume variance.

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The solution examines direct materials, direct labor and direct variances for a doormat division of Clean Sweep Company.

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New Jersey valve Company manufactured 7,800 units during January of a control valve used by milk processors in its Camden plant. Records indicated the following:
direct labor........................... 40,100 hr. at $14.60 per hr.
Direct material purchased.............. 25,000 lb. at $2.60 per lb.
Direct material used....................23,100 lb

The control valve has the following standard prime costs:
Direct material: 3 lb at $2.50 per lb.................. $ 7.50
Direct labor: 5 hr at $15.00 per hr.................. 75.00
Standard prime cost per unit............................$82.50

1. Prepare a schedule of standard production costs for January, based on actual production of 7,800 units.
2. For the month of January, compute the following variances, indicating whether each is favorable or unfavorable.
a. Direct-material price variance
b. Direct-material quantity variance
c. Direct-labor rate variance
d. Direct-labor efficiency variance

3. Build a spreadsheet: Construct an Excel spreadsheet to solve all of the preceding requirements. Show how the solution will change if the following information changes: the standard direct-labor rate is $16 per hour, and the standard direct-material price is $2.60 per pound.

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