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    Variances analysis

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    ABC Company has developed the following standard costs for its product
    Product 1 cost element:Standard Quantity x Standard Price = Unit Standard Cost
    Direct Materials 3 pounds x $2 = $6
    Direct Labor 2 hours x $8 = $16
    Manufacturing Overhead2 hours x $4 = $8
    Total = $30

    ABC Company expected to produce 20,000 units of Product 1 this year and work 40,000 direct labor hours. Actual results for the year are: 19,000 units of Product 1 produced. Actual direct labor costs were $306,000 for 36,000 direct labor hours worked. Actual direct materials purchased and used during the year cost $112,100 for 59,000 pounds. Actual variable overhead incurred was $159,000. A) Compute materials price and usage variances. B) Compute the labor price and usage variance. C) Compute the variable overhead spending and efficiency variances.

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    Excel file contains calculations of materials price and usage variances, the labor price and usage variance , e the variable overhead spending and efficiency variances.