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    Enterprise Resource Planning

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    Impact of New Technology

    Impact of new technology on customers - end users or outside customers. Must be about a specific technology for a specific company. Must not be regarding an upgrade or a technology without a history of success or technical support. Points to cover: 1) How does the company introduce the new product to customers? This shoul

    Applicant Strengths and Weaknesses

    Please list: - What are the strengths and weaknesses from Jamal? - What are the strengths and witnesses from Stan? Finally, which of the two you would select, with your justification of your decision? (Please see the attachments.)

    Business Administration: Reports

    SLP Expectations: Each Module, your SLP assignment will consist of filling out a report on your "adventures in software", summarizing what you looked at and offering to the degree possible some critical evaluation of it; you'll also be invited to reflect on your cumulative software experiences. As noted, you will be expected

    Needs Assessment

    Students will complete a needs assessment based on the organization, person and task analyses discussed in our textbook. The organization analysis identifies the company's strategic direction, support of managers and peers for training activities, and training resources including money, time and expertise. The person analysis


    1. How does the selection of SAP modules change the overall implementation project as defined in the ASAP methodology? 2. How can the Solution Manager assist a Project Manager to increase the likely success of the ERP implantation? 3. What are your assumptions about the sizing of an ERP system in regards to the accuracy and im

    ERP Selection Criteria Matrix

    ERP Software Selection Criteria Objective Provide some experience with reviewing the wide range of selection criteria that typically surface during the initial phases of an ERP project and organizing them into a cohesive selection criteria matrix. Tools and Input Material - The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQ

    Cost Focus, Quality Focus, and Customization Focus

    WHO CAME UP WITH AND WHAT IS... Cost Focus: ? Early concepts (1776-1880) - Labor specialization (Smith) - Standardized parts (Whitney) ? Scientific Management Era (1880-1910) - Gantt Charts for systematic scheduling (Gantt) - Motion & Time Studies (Gilbreth) - Process Analysis (Taylor )

    Case Study: NIBCO's Big Bang: An SAP Implementation

    I am working on the case study NIBCO's Big Bang: An SAP Implementation. In July 1996, the ERP selection team recommended to th eELT that NIBCO purchase a single ERP system: SAP R/3. I need help with the following discussion questions: 1. Discuss the reasons behind NIBCO's decision to implement an ERP system 2. Describe t

    ERP System

    How do you adapt a corporate-wide system, such as ERP, for your department leaders? Do you feel a department is more integrated with other departments through the application of ERP?

    Common Business Practices

    Below are five common business problems and strategies. The one we will research is Issue I Training. Then, please research the three enterprise systems available to solve these problems. Use the framework for translation (of strategy to architecture) to document each vendor/product line. Summarize your findings, while comparin

    operations management software recommendation for manufacturing operations

    Select the best software packages for a manufacturing firm's materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. Use the Internet, and web resources to research the pros and cons of six software systems designed to perform these functions. Then, write a 5-7

    Information Systems-HRIS

    1. What can an HRIS do for an organization? 2. List why your organization would want to use or does use an HRIS (if you have limited work experience, interview HR business professionals to help you). 3. What is the difference between a stand-alone and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? 4. Provide specific exa

    Leading Departmental Change

    DQ1 Leading Departmental Change Who should lead the migration plan from an existing process to an automated one for the department? What are the qualities to look for in the leader and why? DQ2 ERP and Departments How do you adapt a corporate-wide system, such as ERP, for your department leaders? Do you feel a department i

    The Project Life Cycle Used in Project Management

    Can you assist me with getting started on the following: Research and find an article related to the project life-cycle used in project management. Perform an online search, and locate an online article. Read the article and think about how the life-cycle phases discussed in the article relate to the information project

    Information Systems

    Think of your ideal company. It can be anything you want but you must assume the company has branch offices in 4 continents. You are required to make a recommendation on the type of information systems that your organization should implement. - Briefly describe your company. - Would you recommend highly centralized, loosely

    Importance of Business Culture, Technology, Vision and Mission

    The survival of an organization is to a degree dependent upon sound organization development and management. The organization's culture, technology, vision, and mission play an essential part in business operations. Examine abstracts from three current research articles on the Industrial Organization (I/O) Model to form vision

    MultiTech Interview Situation; Low-Voltage Components Situation

    MultiTech Interview Situation: You have an interview for an IT position with MultiTech, a large telecommunications company, and you want to learn more about the firm and its organizational structure. To prepare for the interview, you decide to review your knowledge about corporations, including the following questions: a.

    Strategic Management and Strategy Implementation

    Complete the strategic toolkit as it relate specifically to Strategy Implementation of the Coca-Cola Company. (Source: organizational components critical to implementation (adapted from Aaker, D.A. (2001) Developing Business Strategies. Wiley): (1) Structure (2) Systems (3) People (4) Culture Step One. Select at le

    Process Analysis and System Concept Development

    I have been working on building an ERP system. I have covered the modeling methodology. I now need to provide a description of how process analysis and the development of the system concept can be applied in the development of a proposed business application system (ERP).

    Attainment of a competitive advantage through the understanding

    You have been asked to develop an IT management plan for a company of your choice. The company seeks to more effectively manage its organizational goals and objectives through the alignment of information technology to strategic goals and objectives. The company that you choose can be real or fictional. The company is looking to

    Supply Chain and Operations Management Questions

    1. Can you think of some specific examples of where safety stock has been an issue in completing a process or project? 2. JIT does have a form of safety stock; can you explain how safety stock works with JIT? Also, what do you think are the challenges in maintaining safety stock for a global enterprise? 3. What do you s

    Aligning People in an Organizations with Change Strategy

    Why would change leaders need to align the organization's people with the change strategy? Would it be easier to just tell workers of the change and demand compliance? Or, would integrating workers' ideas and capacities before a change improve the likelihood of change success? Explain your position in detail.

    Software system that has gone through change

    Select a software system in your organisation that has gone through change. What, if any, management controls were in place to regulate changes, record versions of components and record which collections of these versions belong together? Were these controls adequate? Why or why not? Please include references.

    Accounting Information Systems: Example Problems

    Alden, Inc. has hired you to review its internal controls for the purchase, receipt, storage, and issuance of raw materials. You observed the following: Raw materials, which consist mainly of high-cost electronic components, are kept in a locked storeroom. Storeroom personnel include a supervisor and four clerks. All are well

    Contractors Increase in Complexity of an IT Project

    We know that the acquisition of software is not a simple process; whether we build it or buy it. On top of that some organizations choose to use contractors in the process of acquiring software. Why and how does the use of contractors increase the complexity of an IT project?

    A New Option for Software Purchase is ASP

    A new option for software purchase is ASP (Application Service Provider) (http://www.crn.com/it-channel/18809429). Review 3 such providers of ERP software located via an Internet search. When might it be the best option to use a host instead of make or buy?

    Leadership Questions

    1.According to Yukl (2010), people resist change for many reasons. Choose one reason listed within Leadership in Organizations and provide an example from your past or current employment of this type of resistance to change. How was this obstacle managed? What actions would you now recommend and why? 2. Is it possible to elim

    Value Chain Configuration is Increasingly Inadequate

    Value chain configuration is increasingly inadequate as a means to describe how an organization organizes and operates to meet the needs of customers. Think about your own organization. To what degree would you consider it a value chain, value shop or value network?. What sorts of special challenges does this sort of configurati