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    Strategic Planning

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    Complete the strategic toolkit as it relate specifically to Strategy Implementation of the Coca-Cola Company. (Source: organizational components critical to implementation (adapted from Aaker, D.A. (2001) Developing Business Strategies. Wiley):

    (1) Structure
    (2) Systems
    (3) People
    (4) Culture

    Step One. Select at least one source per component that addresses most of its characteristics.
    Step Two. Evaluate each source in terms of its objectivity, reliability, and truthfulness.

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    The main idea behind strategic management and strategy implementation is to maximize value for the customer with as little waste as possible. An important component of this idea is called "learn enterprise": it means to get more with less. In other words, create more value for the customers while cutting down on costs and/or using less resources.

    What does a lean enterprise look like? How does it function?

    A lean enterprise model places customer value at the apex of its operations and focuses on processes to increase the customer's satisfaction. All of this has to be done with as little time and money as possible, because both of these are precious resources. Lean enterprise may use cutting-edge technology, new human resources techniques, and cost-savings plans to meet these goals.

    For a general overview of lean enterprise styles, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_IT

    This article talks about Coke's new organizational behavior: http://www.information-management.com/blogs/coca_cola_business_intelligence_rfid-10015573-1.html

    To learn about how the strategic management style can be used at Coca-Cola, download this PDF:

    This journal article gives a more in-depth analysis of lean enterprise and how it affects organizational behavior: http://www.ispi.org/archives/resources/Benchmarking_Knuf.pdf

    Here's the Knowledge Center of the Lean Enterprise Institute. There are tons of articles here if you want to learn more or supplement your answer: http://www.lean.org/Search/

    Key Ideas of Lean Enterprise:

    1. Describe the value that the customer expects.
    2. Create a plan to get the product or service to the customer as smoothly as possible.
    3. Allow customers to give feedback.
    4. Remove as much waste as possible while keeping the customer happy.

    In Step 2, you have a lot of options. I suggest choosing one of these products and then going to your school's full-text database and searching for the company and seeing if you can find anything on the marketing plan and why it failed. I think your best bet is Coca-Cola. There's tons of information on the switch to "New Coke." Remember the ...

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