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Information Systems

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Think of your ideal company. It can be anything you want but you must assume the company has branch offices in 4 continents. You are required to make a recommendation on the type of information systems that your organization should implement.

- Briefly describe your company.
- Would you recommend highly centralized, loosely centralized, non-centralized information? Explain in detail.
- What role with the information system have in your company?
- What components do you recommend of the information system? What type of hardware, software, networks, database, and data management do you recommend?

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I have taken my company as Walmart. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the largest retailer in the world and has got retail stores in various formats worldwide. It offers variety of products ranging from foods, housewares and small appliances, to horticulture products through discount stores, supercenters, and neighborhood markets, as well as through walmart.com. The company was founded in 1945 and is based ...

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