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    Enterprise Resource Planning

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    Software Application Implementation

    Prepare a paper describing a successful or unsuccessful software application implementation. Identify and describe why the implementation was successful or unsuccessful. Create a list of best practices and lessons learned from this implementation that you can apply to future software application implementation projects.

    Software applications meeting the need of the business

    Describing a software selection process for an organization. Describe the evaluation criteria that you would use. Discuss the issues and strategies for stakeholder involvement. Define how the software application(s) will meet the business requirements of the organization that you have selected. Add decisions matrices and your we

    Financial analysis

    Groovy Music Company produces compact discs of background music for restaurants and other retail shops. Its disc recording machines are capable of producing 50 discs per hour. The unit-related cost of producing the discs is $3.00. The discs sell for $12.00 each. Food Mood Music Co. has asked the company to produce 10,000 copies

    Structured Approach to Decision Making, Brainstorming & 4 types of Organigraphs

    In no more than 1750 words I would like a report of: (a) Explain and analyze the 5 stages of the "Structured Approach to Decision Making". while giving real life example of its application to a project or activity that can be exercised at work. (b) Briefly explain what dose 'Brainstorming' mean? (c) Discussing and expl

    Organizational Change and Change Management

    One of your new contacts from the teambuilding seminar has called you for help. She is the Human Resource Manager of a larger manufacturing company. Her division is divided into 7 departments and each department is dependent on the other for success. In today's morning production meeting, the superintendents expressed much c

    Single ERP and HR Apps Cut Costs

    1. Computer business systems have been around for 40 years. Desktop computers have been around for 20 years. Why do business systems, in general, still need more development? 2. When choosing personal liability as an entity for a business. Why is personal liability an important consideration, and which entities provide prote

    Leola Milling Company Case study

    Leola Milling Company Jennifer Roberts, distribution manager for Leola Milling, has become increasingly aware that the company has a major problem as it continues to try to reduce inventories while maintaining the levels of service its customers have come to expect. Company and Product Founded in 1887, Leola Milling has pro

    Cincinnatti Software

    Cincinnatti Software Cincinnatti Software, which currently specializes in the installation of manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) systems in small firms, is planning a major expansion into installing the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This major expansion into the hottest software area will be organized

    Impact of technology on the four functions of management within General Motors.

    1. I need to find the impact of technology on the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) within General Motors. I need a specific example in each function. References must be given. 2. How can managers use delegation to manage the impact that technology, globalization, innovation, diversity


    I need assistance with the following: I know what they are but I can't get the words down. COMPONENTS OF IMPLEMENTING STRATEGY ? Differentiate corporate strategy from project management. ? Identify the implications of organizational culture on project structure. ? Define the elements of a project. ? Define end-sta

    Materials Requirements Planning

    Your group is a management team for a large electronics manufacturing company. You are tasked with selecting the best software packages for the firm's materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, inventory control, shop floor control, and

    ERP Systems Size of Organization

    1. At what size does an organization consider an ERP system? Why does size matter? 2. Is there an advantage to a centrally developed system, or do multiple systems designed specifically for each user group make more sense? Why or why not? 3.Can a system become bogged down with too much data? How long should historical t

    HR Plan - Communication, Training and Teamwork

    Task Deliverable Length: 7-9 pages Custom Food and Feed Corporation (CF&F)is a major manufacturer and marketer of food and animal feed ingredients. Over the past 10 years, there have been several major investigations and allegations of company mismanagement. In question is CF&F's compliance with federal and state regulatory r


    I need assistance with the following project: Many companies do post-mortem analyses of strategic initiatives. If the initiatives succeed, they try to account for their success. If the initiatives do not succeed, they try to learn from their mistakes. Of course, it is easy to have twenty-twenty hindsight. But there are im

    Global Logistics

    What are the challenges posed by global logistics? How can an organization meet these challenges?


    Master's Project in Change Management?Recommendations for Leading and Sustaining Change This is the fifth component of your 18-week project. Building on the Models and Theories of Change and Application of Change Models components, write a 1,400-1,750-word paper in which you do the following: 1. Recommend leadership behaviors

    Project Management Tools

    Your role as project manager requires you to use a variety of tools to help through the process. The Marketing Manager has asked you to research and write about the various tools that are available to the project manager. Describe the basic tools used by project manager and relate this to applications such as Excel, MS proje

    Draw logical, physical and a context data flow diagram

    McCloud Company Data Flow Diagram Documentation Project McCloud Company produces and sells fleece-lined suede leather jackets. Having been in business for almost 40 years in Taos, NM, McCloud Company's products are well-known for their durability and no-nonsense fashion consciousness. Strictly a mail order business, the compan

    Employee Training and Development - FranSystems

    You have just been hired as the "training department of one" for FranSystems, Inc. FranSystems is a small company that is poised to grow quickly over the next six months. They have just patented an application that will greatly improve usability and compatibility of the two largest ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. The

    Role Identification

    TRRSK - Consulting group Briefly describe - Support staff (which could be customer and employee support) is a role that needs to be identified for this team List and description of the identified roles of each member of the consulting firm. The attached word doc shows the skills and another doc shows the consulting gr

    Using the problem statement already created in the outline paper...

    Using the problem statement already created in the outline paper, what type of work need to be completed to achieve the project goals identified? Include at least one use case for each project goal identified; for those that has several goals I need several use cases. (USE CASE are): A technique for capturing system requiremen

    Business Management/Controlling

    You have been asked to consult with a small company that is growing at a rapid rate. The president shares the following with you: "I'm thrilled that my little idea for a toolchest has grown so big, but I'm afraid that the company is slipping out of my hands. I've had to hire a lot of people in a short period of time, and now the

    Supply Chain Resource Management

    You must select the best software packages for the firm's materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, inventory control, shop floor control, and production planning scheduling needs. 1.Evaluate six software systems available and the