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Enterprise Resource Planning


What method will you use to determine the ROI in any major ERP application like SAP or Oracle?

Change resistance

In your own words, please answer the following: there are many sources for change resistance. In organization, which is the most common? Give a hypothetical example. Do you think this is the most common generally? Why do you think this is common? Describe how one would overcome the resistance. (Provide specific steps

4 questions needing help with

Question Identify at least 3 significant potential "supply chain risks" which a multinational company might face in today's physical and political environment, and briefly describe a meaningful action that could be taken to reduce the "risk" or provide protection. Question If you are part of a team assigned to neg

Metrics for production processes

As the company Manychip examines various methods to assess its performance and design processes, it is looking for an analysis of the existing workflow production process and the factors that most directly impact such measurements. As a review, the most common metrics for production processes are as follows: Quality: the number

Production Planning and Quality Management for Manychip

Scenario: Manychip, Inc., is a specialty memory chip manufacturer located in Southern California with manufacturing plants located in the United States, Europe, Singapore, and Japan. Additionally, Manychip has branch sales offices located in major metropolitan areas across the globe. The market for Manychip's six key product

Operations Management, Product Development & Quality

2. List four types of focus dimensions used in operations management. 4. What are three ways to develop new products? 5. A visit to a hair salon can produce a tangible result - a new appearance for the customer. Hence, the output of hair salons is a manufactured good, not a service. (True or False) 7. Revolutionary chan

Denver Facility problems

The following is a large and cumbersome task therefore I have provided the maximum points and time allotted for assistance. It seems like it is quite difficult or involved but if you disect the issues piece by piece they all fall into place and are not as intimidating. However, I am referring for any assistance as this is stil

Manychip case

Manychip, having identified the appropriate location for its major production facility, now wants your team to determine the optimal internal layout for the facility based on the following criteria: ? The facility will manufacture several lines of memory chips, some with compatible components and some that do not have compati

Canbide's Denver Location

Your supervisor has assigned you to study Canbide's Denver location. This location handles an average of 52.7 trucks per day. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the count is usually over 75 trucks. About half of the shipments are set-up by Denver operations, which has the ability to reschedule/adjust product pick-up times with a four-hour

Supply Chain Management & Purchasing

Task Research available logistics, inventory, and warehouse management technology software tools that could be used in a supply chain. Prepare a paper, which should include the following: 1. Identify at least three separate software tools that can used for any logistics, inventory, and warehouse management purpose, explai

Computer hardware industry analysis research paper

I need a computer hardware industry analysis including contents written below: 1. Industry profile 2. Industry size 3. Current development and trends 4. Key driving forces 5. Industry segmentetation 6. Segment analysis 7. Growth, market shares, ratios (top 5 companies) 8. External forces 9. Conclusion 10. Financial fi

Resource planning and allocation: service technicians does it

Resource planning/allocation: How many service technicians does it take? Assumptions/factors: - Available working hours: 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday, with one hour off for lunch (time not fixed), and two 15-minute breaks (times not fixed). - Scope of work includes receiving a dispatch (ticket), contacting and visiting