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    Software Selection Process

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    Describing a software selection process for an organization. Describe the evaluation criteria that you would use. Discuss the issues and strategies for stakeholder involvement. Define how the software application(s) will meet the business requirements of the organization that you have selected. Add decisions matrices and your weighted evaluation criteria for software selection.

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    //In the present technological world, it is quite essential for a company to implement information system in it. The process of software selection depends on various factors, I am going to provide you an idea about the process of software selection. See the text below to get an understanding on it. //

    Software Selection Process


    In a project plan, a detailed and methodical process is needed to guarantee the success. A plan for software selection and purchase is not different than any major project that is attempted by a corporation. It requires a substantial investment of time and resources. It also requires the involvement of the entire organization as well as a considerable amount of research, planning, and reevaluation along the way (Software Selection Process Steps, 2008). It is important to select a proper software program for a company in order to achieve the targets.

    Software selection requires five individual elements or phases within the overall process. The entire process will involve the duration of a year or may depend on the number of internal resources available for the project (Software Selection Process Steps, 2008). Within each step, there are a number of secondary steps or tasks that must be completed by members of the team. This would be done when the teams are selected. The steps may not exactly fit in the type of organization themselves. As a result, a solid basis is provided for the overall structure and the team is allowed to use them as the core outline for their individual project (Software Selection Process Steps, 2008).

    About the company

    XYZ is a large sized and growing company in manufacturing of electronic equipments. In 2005, its revenues were 262 crores. It has increased its revenues year by year after this year. XYZ's online offerings have a wide product range. It includes Printers, UPS and Keyboards. The products are hi-tech and maintain quality. Production schedule explains the activities in the production and relationships between them. Company's manufacturing process can be defined as detailed resources and procedures that are involved in each job. In the production schedule, capacity is estimated with the demand and raw material. The company has a high capacity of production.

    // Let us take a look on the process of software selection. //

    Process of software selection

    The software selection process has become the ideal tool for the company. It is necessary to address increasing needs for openness, fairness, accountability and impartiality regarding decisions which are taken by the companies while facing a technology selection (Software Selection Process, 2008). The process of software selection includes:

    1. Identify and plan the software: The important step in software selection process is designing and planning of the software. In this step, the software engineers need to identify the key business sponsors and drivers ...

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