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    ERP Systems: Selecting Software

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    The executive has asked that you, the warehouse manager, to join the decision-making team for selecting the appropriate software for the new ERP system in your company. Who would you choose to be on the selection team? Explain your choices.

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    The selection team must include members from the Information Technology as this will be the most integral part of the committee. The IT department will be responsible for developing and creating the blueprint for the ERP system, which as (you) stated will require a complex and organizational-wide approach that will be massive in its scope. Employees from across the organization will be required to provide input on how the ERP system will be functional and usable for their individual departments but it is the IT department who will be most influential in the process of creating the organization's ERP ...

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    The decision making process of selecting a new software for an ERP system is described. A references is provided to aid in the understanding of the question.