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    Problem Statement

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    Using the problem statement already created in the outline paper, what type of work need to be completed to achieve the project goals identified? Include at least one use case for each project goal identified; for those that has several goals I need several use cases. (USE CASE are): A technique for capturing system requirements, which are scenarios written in regular (non-technical) terminology to describe how a system interacts with a user or another system. For example, a use case for an ordering process might include the following steps: (10 customer accesses online menu; (2) customer places order; (3) order requests item; (4) item bills invoice; (5) customer receives invoice; (6)customer sends payment; (7) payment closes invoice.

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    STEP 1
    1. Project Goals

    1.1 To make available on line training resource to associates which is quite flexible and easy to use.
    1) User contacts a software developer.
    2) User explains the training and flexibility needs to the developer.
    3) Developer delivers the training package to the user.
    4) User tests and reviews the training capabilities and flexibility of the system.
    5) User deploys the system and makes it accessible to 300,000 associates.
    6) Software makes training resource available to associates in a flexible and easy to use manner.

    1.2 To save significant costs and efforts related to training of these associates.

    1) User deploys new software.
    2) User e-mails all associates to use the training system online within the next seven days.
    3) User reviews the usage data and sends reminders to associates who have not logged in to the system or have not completed the training module.
    4) Associates, who have not logged into the system or have not completed the training, log in and complete the training.
    5) System completes the associates training with a saving of costs and efforts.

    2.3 To implement a system that would operate across multiple platforms
    and operating systems without any proprietary technology or
    cumbersome implementations.
    1) The user surveys the associates for training system difficulties.
    2) The user lists the platforms and operating systems that have caused difficulties.
    3) The user forwards the list of operating systems and multiple platforms that have caused difficulty during the training process.
    4) The developer sends in the improved code that is designed to function smoothly with every known platform and operating system.
    5) The user deploys the improved system and tests it with different operating systems and multiple platforms.
    1.3 Can enhance the web conference presentations.
    1) User ascertains the web conference facilities that are required of the system from associates.
    2) User analysis and estimates the cost of additional facilities.
    3) User adjusts the requirements to the budgetary constraints.
    4) User specifies the web conference presentation features required to the developer.
    5) Developer designs the web conference facilities that have been specified by the user.
    6) Developer delivers the web conference facilities that have been specified.
    7) User deploys the enhanced web conference presentation facilities.
    8) User tests the enhanced web conference presentation facilities.
    9) User sends messages to associates to use the online tutorial to familiarize themselves with ...

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