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The level of incompetent mangers in mid/large size organization

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Problem Statement: The level of incompetent mangers is 47%-50% in mid to large size organizations in the U.S. Bad leadership can be costly to organizations; as well as contribute to the high volume of absenteeism, attrition, low morale and poor customer service. All of which play a vital role in organizational cohesiveness, culture, longevity and financial well being. Organizations that do not take appropriate actions to address bad leadership within their organizations will have a difficult time remaining competitive in today's ever changing environment and could potential lead to failure.

Research Questions

What are some common characteristics of bad leadership? (Quantitative and Qualitative research--survey)
Why are perceived incompetent leaders promoted?
Are effective Leaders and successful leaders synonymous?
Are management and leadership synonymous?
Does politics play a role in leadership selection?
How is promoting high performers to leadership roles contributing to the high leadership failure rate?
What are effects of bad leadership to subordinates?
How does bad leadership negatively impact organization operating costs?

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The level of incompetent managers in mid to large size organizations are determined. The response addressed the query is posted in 214 words.

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The response addressed the query is posted in 214 words.

//In a research study, a problem statement should be clear and concise. It should define the entire research context in brief and even have alignment with the research questions. In this premise, in the following discussion, we have reviewed the defined problem statement to prove whether it is a perfect problem statement ...

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