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Writing a Problem Statement

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Problem Statements:
a) How does the problem statement provide a foundation for the rest of the study?
b) What pitfalls might lead to a poorly written problem statement?
c) Do you think identifying the problem should come first, with support for it afterwards? Or, do you think support for the problem should come first, with the identification of the problem following? What is the basis for your preference?

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The expert writes a problem statement which provides a foundation for the rest of the study.

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A problem statement pertains to the description of an issue or problem that exists in present and need to be handled or addressed (What is a problem statement, 2007). Problem statement serves researchers with a context for their research study and helps in generating questions which a study aims to answer (Ary et. al., 2009). The statement of the problem in a research is the key point of any study. A problem statement is just one or two line sentence such as:

"The increasing frequency of job layoffs is creating fear, nervousness, and a loss of output in middle level employees."

A well-written statement helps researchers in development research question and attaining research aim. A well-articulated problem statement provide the foundation for the rest of the study as it provides a base to undertake the study and set specific research questions to attain research aim (Gill & Johnson, 2002). Problem statement helps in dealing with most of the conceptual, hypothetical, and methodological obstructions that are usually confronted in the procedure of proposal development (Miner & Miner, 2008).

In following sections of the research proposal, there would no ...

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