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    You have been asked to consult with a small company that is growing at a rapid rate. The president shares the following with you: "I'm thrilled that my little idea for a toolchest has grown so big, but I'm afraid that the company is slipping out of my hands. I've had to hire a lot of people in a short period of time, and now there are whole teams that I don't really know that well. I've also noticed some bad habits developing - pilferage, longer breaks, and sloppy accounting."
    What elements of organizational control would you recommend? Prepare a short presentation for the president and his senior people addressing the following:

    1. Define the concept of control.
    2. Identify the benefits to the company now and in the future.
    3. Make 3 recommendations for control actions to take right now.

    This assignment will be presented in the format of a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation will be three to five slides in length, have an opening slide that introduces the key points that will be covered, slides that support the key points and a closing slide that wraps up the key points and brings the presentation to a closure. A reference slide will include your research and resources used in the presentation. Include notes within your presentation that expand on your key points in the presentation.


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