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    Business Policy and Implementation

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    Managing Small Business

    Hello, Can you please help me to respond the following questions: What is the advantage of a strategic alliance over direct investment when entering a foreign market? How can the owner of a small business apply Maslow's hierarchy of needs to working with employees?

    First Mover & Last Mover Theories

    Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the first mover and the last mover theories You should provide an unbiased comparison of the two theories. 1. Identify at least four advantages and four disadvantages for each theory and comprehensively show how each advantage or disadvantage affects the use of that theory (a mi

    Reducing Expatriate Failure

    One of the reasons for expatriate failure is the inability of the expatriate to adjust to the socio-cultural environment of target country of deployment. As an International human resource manager, what other causes can you unearth? How can you address them in order to reduce the failure rate to the barest minimum?

    Context Mgt, Sociogram, Org Socialization, ethics , inovation process

    Discuss in detail concepts behind groups as used in context of management and why is the study of groups important to managers? Give example. Discuss in detail concepts and theory behind a sociogram and how would a manager construct a sociogram and why might it be useful? Discuss in detail an organizational socialization proc

    C's of Credit

    Can you please help me with the following: All of the "C's" are important to establish creditworthiness. The challenge is to determine which of the "five C's" is typically most important to those that lend money (e.g. individual investors, commercial banks, venture capitalists, the U.S. Small Business Administration) to entre

    E-commerce Business

    What are some of the factors that an MNC manager considers when picking a country for establishing an e-commerce business? Why do trading blocs such as Mercosur, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), and the EU (European Union) present significant potential for e-commerce businesses? What are e-commerce enablers? Wh

    Implementing JIT Principles

    Describe a JIT principle used at a past or present workplace or one with which you are personally familiar. Focus on the key areas of JIT. 1. Have the results been positive or negative? 2. List the JIT principles that this company uses. 3. If you were the owner of this company, what changes would you make to the way JIT has

    Innovation Governance and Corporate Governance

    Innovation Governance is a subset of Corporate Governance. While there are a number of similarities with Corporate Governance, Innovation Governance has a focus on technology. How is Innovation Governance related to Corporate Governance? Why do Boards of Directors and senior managers need to address the issues associated with In

    Environmental Considerations for a Firm

    Discuss in scholarly detail environmental factors that affect the performance of a firm and discuss in detail some proactive and reactive reasons for a firm going global. Provide examples with your responses. Response must be 250 words.

    Public relations outline and ethics

    Imagine that you are developing a public relations plan for a business you frequently patronize. Identify a problem or opportunity facing that business. Explain in detail how you might apply each of the four basic steps of a public relations plan (see " Conceptualizing the Public Relations Plan" in Chapter 5) when developing a p

    Nonprofit Organization Internal Controls

    In an NPO, what could be the causes of situations ie: federal income tax forms not completed correctly, months delays in paying vendors and departments are late reporting transaction and failing to place in the financial reports? What would some recommendations be to prevent this from happening? If you could point me to s

    Evaluation report for Hotel Escargo

    You are a consultant hired by the Hotel Escargo management team with the charge to improve the hotel procedures and increase quality and customer satisfaction. Using the Hotel Escargo information provided here, write an evaluation report to the hotel management team on your observations and initial recommendations for improvemen

    Cost of Quality - Hotel Escargo

    Given the scenario outlined in the case study: 1. How would you go about determining the cost of quality for Hotel Escargo? 2. Provide cost of quality examples in the hotel industry for: - Appraisal costs - Prevention costs - Internal failure costs - External failure costs 3. Based on the information in the case st

    Diversification Planning

    The planning officer of your airline has been gathering information concerning several opportunities for your firm. Since the climate seems good for additional common stock sales and bank loans, the possibilities of expansion through merger and acquisition seem very good. An opposite twist has also presented itself - an offer to

    Samsung Galaxy Phones

    The organization/company is Samsung Galaxy Phones and their operating system is Android. Describe the functions of computer hardware components used in the organization. Provide at least one example of input hardware, output hardware, and storage hardware and describe how they are used in the organization.

    Apple Inc. Product Lines and Events

    I need help in critically analyzing the Apple case found in the attached document. In particular, please update the case information by new research to include Apple's other product lines and recent events, and decides the lessons that have been learned for information systems managers, in a succinct report that includes a resu

    Crown Holdings strategy

    Kindly assist with a discussion on the following: 1. Please describe the Enterprise Level Strategy exhibited by Crown Holdings Note: Information specifically on enterprise level strategy may be sketchy. So this can be enhanced by a discussion of the organization's vision, vision, objectives, and values. Please also inc

    Commercial Piracy

    Write about the problems posed by commercial piracy and how international strategy would take this into account and address it.

    Risks faced by Multinationals

    I have a paper to write about two risks that face multinational corporations. I'm just looking for two hundred words to get started.

    Bench marking and Lean manufacturing

    What is benchmarking all about, and why should a company do it? Is it best to look only at your direct competitors for benchmarking statistics? Why or why not? How would you go through the benchmarking process? For a typical manufacturing company, what would be the key performance criteria that customers are most concerned ab

    Inner Defense: Personnel ID Systems (graded)

    The authorized movement of personnel is a critical element of inner defense countermeasures. This covers employees as well as visitors. Thinking of your particular environment and the recommendations of how to control access and movement, describe how well it provides for the security of the facility and its contents. You should

    Business ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability

    Hello, I have a paper due that is based on the relationship between business ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability. I also have to include an example of an existing company. I'm only looking for a couple hundred words to start and I'll finish it up. Thanks.