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    Equal Urbanization Across China's Different Regions

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    Has the urbanization movement in China been balanced regionally? Why or why not? What are some challenges that the Chinese government face regarding sustainable development?
    What options are available to the Chinese government as it relates to urban planning techniques?

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    1. No unfortunately it has not been equal in all regions. The reasons for these include low wages, prejudices held by both Chinese and other ethnic/religious groups in the nation. Some people still doctrinated in Mao's form of communism, an aging population, poor weather (like floods and draughts in some regions, arid lands and other less than hospitable land and or weather, poorer education in rural areas, the old idea of staying with the family to help the ...

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    An expert weighs in on the question about the success of China's urbanization program and if it has been successful in all regions. The expert provides the answer to this question and informs the reader of the reasons for this. Lastly, suggestions for improvement are also listed and provided to this important economic situation. 296 words.