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China's Urbanuzation - Past, Present and Future

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What are the three main reasons why urbanization was limited between 1949 and 1980 in China? What specific tasks did the Chinese government perform regarding urban planning during this period? Has the urbanization movement in China been balanced regionally? Why or why not? What are some challenges that the Chinese government face regarding sustainable development? What options are available to the Chinese government as it relates to urban planning techniques

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The 3 main reasons were the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and its problems with the Soviet Union. Concerning urban planning the only real thing they did was slow it down because of their overall focus on "true communism" and its emphasis on the peasant and deemphasis on ...

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An overview of China's slow urbanization from 1949-1980 and its unequal development in different regions since this time. Reasons for and possible solutions to it are also discussed.