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    Business Policy and Implementation

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    Quantitative Strategy Evaluation

    Hello again, I have a paper due that is based on the quantitative criteria to evaluate strategies. This is separate from the other assignment; I'm just looking for a couple hundred words to get started. Please provide a couple of examples that I can build off of. Thanks

    Strategy Evaluation

    Please touch on the activities that comprise strategy evaluation, as well as why it can be a complex and sensitive undertaking.

    Mcdonald's business strategy

    Hello, I need two pages on Mcdonald's business strategy. Also, compare one of Mcdonald's competitors strategies as well.

    Organization Decision to Go Public

    I have to write a paper about an organization's decision to go public. I'm looking for both sides of the argument; advantages and disadvantages. As usual, I'm just looking for 200-300 words to get off and running. .

    Financial Analysis and Flaws

    Please help with the following problem. I have a project about how to perform a projected financial analysis and to include at least one flaw that can result from an incorrect projection. I'm just looking for a start, so 200-300 words will be just fine.

    Training Expenses

    How have today's "virtually" developed technologies and cost efficient methods of training been implemented within the business industry? Is it cost effective? With the diminishing of financial resources, how will technology training continue to do more while advancing in technology in order to train its employees?

    McDonald's Organizational Chart

    I have a project that is centered around the hypothetical situation of assigning high level objectives to a global company. I have to complete a 3-5 page paper about one high level objective for the four top levels of the organization. I'm not asking for someone to complete the project, but just two pages and I'll fill in the re

    Desirable Planning and Decision-Making Tools for Netflix

    Desirable Planning and Decision-Making Tools for Netflix We don't know what information Netflix has available internally. Here's your opportunity to ask for the information you would like to have to be an effective manager in this organization. What kind of information and reports would you like to have as a manager for Ne

    Investment on New Plant Decision Making Calculations

    Please provide an Excel spread sheet answer with calculations. Question: Looner Industries is considering investing in a new manufacturing plant. The plant requires an item of equipment that costs $200,000. In addition, Looner will spend $10,000 on shipping costs and $30,000 on installation charges. The equipment will be ho

    Stages of consumer decision making

    In my hypothetical scenario, I am the owner of a small to mid-sized business. I am currently developing a marketing plan for the upcoming year. The marketing plan will include both the tactical and strategic plan elements. I also need to discuss the implementation and evaluation of the strategic marketing plan. - I need to ou

    Financial Decision Making: Risk

    Suppose your company's method of making decisions under risk is "making the best out of the worst possible outcome." What rule would you be forced to follow? Give an example and explain.

    Decision Making and Relevant Information

    PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THE QUESTION: I HAVE ALSO UPLOADED .DOC FILE. QUESTION 1 Gandon plc has been approached by a customer with a special order for 100,000 units of product X at a price of £250 per unit. The following information is available: RAW MATERIAL Each unit of product X would require three different types

    Dynamic Decision Making with Space Shuttle Challenger

    The Space Shuttle Challenger launch in 1986 was a disaster. Seven crewmen died and the shuttle program was put on hold. Using the search engine of your choice, do a search on this disaster and examine the decision-making process regarding the launch. analyze the decision-making process prior to the launch.

    Dynamic Decision Making Case Study

    A pharmaceutical company is in the process of developing a new drug. The development is planned in two stages. The first stage costs one million dollars, and the second stage costs two million dollars. If the development is successful it will result in revenues of five million dollars. All dollars are in present value, and disco

    Rational Decision Making Model: Improving Decisions

    Consider the last decision that you have made (purchase of an automobile, purchase of a home, seeking a new job, etc.). Then, discuss that decision in terms of the rational decision making model. How could you have improved your decision?

    Strategic Management - Business Strategy & Policy (Coffee Industry) question.

    Please help with the following problem. Using information from these two resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caribou_Coffee Discuss the general environment elements that are affecting the companies in the industry (coffee industry) and how these forces might affect the

    IT and Company Business Processes and Decision Making

    1. How can Information technology support a company's business processes and decision making and give it a competitive advantage? Give examples to illustrate your answer. 2. Refer to the Real Word Case (attached) on eCourier, Cablecom, and Bryan Cave in the chapter. Jay Bregman, CTO and cofounder of eCourier, notes that the com

    Dynamic Decision Making: Comparing Jobs

    These are on a scale of 0 - 10, larger number being better Job Salary Attractiveness of Job Ease of Commuting Children's School Quality of Life 1) $48,000 8 4 7 6 2) $52,000 7 2 7 6 3) $50,000 8 6 4 4 4) $51,000 6 2 5 5 Are there dominated alternatives? If so, which ones? The student faces the follo

    Business: effective decision making

    1.How can a manager or a leader be effective in his actions and decision making? 2. Is there any basis for making a decision that would impact the efficiency and success for the business?

    Policy Analysis and Policy Makers

    Policy analysis is finding out what governments do, why they do it, and what difference, if any, it makes. What is your understanding of what policy analysis contains and what policy makers can learn from policy analysis?

    Financial Management, Data Analysis, and Decision-making

    The discussion topic is financial scandals. At the most basic level, Enron, Worldcom, and other scandals were the result of the manipulation of financial reporting. What can be done to prevent these problems from happening again? Have you ever heard of or experienced any of these problems in your own career? What would you do if