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Strategy Evaluation

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Please touch on the activities that comprise strategy evaluation, as well as why it can be a complex and sensitive undertaking.

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What is strategy evaluation?

Strategy evaluation is the process that companies utilize to help them make predictions for the future. By making these predictions through evaluation, the company is capable of making key decisions that will either steer the business in a right or wrong direction. There are different types of evaluation methods that can be used such as SWOT, Benchmarking or Gap analysis. All of these methods have been used in business scenarios. The SWOT process evaluates the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Benchmarking process evaluates how close a company is to its final objectives and or how much is left to go. The Gap analysis process evaluates a wide range of aspects of business, such as profit, marketing, research and all information systems.

"Strategic evaluation is a way for businesses to evaluate the health and productivity of their company and their future endeavors. Typically, strategic evaluations attempt to see past the obvious factors ...

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This article provides details around how businesses utilize strategy evaluation.