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    Inner Defense: Personnel ID Systems

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    The authorized movement of personnel is a critical element of inner defense countermeasures. This covers employees as well as visitors. Thinking of your particular environment and the recommendations of how to control access and movement, describe how well it provides for the security of the facility and its contents. You should pay particular attention to how employees and visitors are identified, enter the building, move to/from authorized locations, and exit the building.

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    The answer to this question will vary based upon the type of company, and will also depend on how large that company is, from a physical aspect. In a larger building, there are more access issues and security breach possibilities that have to be continually monitored. In our building, which is a medium sized building (one location), all visitors enter through the front door. All other doors to the building are locked at all ...

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    This solution discusses internal security in terms of visitors, employees and management. The typical measures taken inside of a company are discussed, and the managerial efforts that aid to enhance security measures are also discussed.