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Information Security Incident Factors

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The Information Security Forum (securityforum.org), a self-help organization that includes many Fortune 100 companies, compiled a list of the top information problems and discovered that nine of the top ten incidents were the result of three factors:
- Mistakes or human error
- Malfunctioning systems
- Misunderstanding the effects of adding incompatible software to an existing system

Unfortunately, these factors can often overcome the IT security technologies that companies and individuals use to protect their information.

Discuss the major objectives of a defense strategy? What is a firewall? What can it not protect against?

Please use at least one reference.

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When you think of the term "defense strategy", you think of how a team will stop the other team's movement and penetrating them to win a match. Perhaps you may think of a military defense strategy and how they will protect themselves against the enemy. Computer systems rely on information security professionals to come up with a defense strategy to protect their computer systems , help safeguard information, keep intrusive personnel out and even prevent someone on the inside from either inadvertent or purposeful actions to harm the system.

Information security's top most defensive strategy is to ensure computer resources are safeguarded and made available for the end user. ...

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This solution goes into detail about the major objectives of any effective defense strategy in information security, addressing firewalls, resources and systems.

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