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Intrinsic or extrinsic reward programs

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Could you assist me in with identify what you believe are two intrinsic or extrinsic reward programs that could influence worker motivation productivity. For both of these, how would you assess the effectiveness of these programs?

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This solution identifies and discuses intrinsic and/or extrinsic reward programs that could influence worker motivation productivity. The main methods of assessing program effectiveness are also discusses.

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In regards to employee reward programs, management often finds that extrinsic motivations are more effective, due to the monetary issues involved. This does not include all organizations and can vary. However, with the current economic situation where unemployment is high, inflation has risen over the last few years, and so forth, additional compensation can speak volumes in regards to employee motivation. One of the most successful reward programs that directly influences motivation and productivity is a profit sharing or gain sharing program. These types of programs can be structured suited to the company, as they desire, but all have the same main objective. The employees share in the remaining profits at the end of the year. This ...

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