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Business Policy and Implementation

Supplier Negotiation and Evaluation

Can you help with these questions. 1. Can you identify where a supplier may stealthily insert profit in a cost item. 2. How would yu use a credit or price analaysis as well as total cost ownership in the evaluating of this supplier's proposal or bid. 3. How would you effect a win win negotiation with a potential long

Foreign Policy of Barack Obama

Please answer all questions & provide requested paper page length! The foreign policy of the administration of Barack Obama is considered as a major policy of the United States. Write a 4-5 page paper in which you: 1) Write a one-page position in favor of the policy. 2) Write a one-page position against the policy. 3) Write

Public Policy Analysis

Please do all six questions! 1) Identify three different public policies and state whether advocates for or against the policy have been more effective using empirical scientific evidence or anecdotal evidence. 2). Using either a local, state or federal policy to create one of each of the following (for a total of four argumen

What is strategy implementation?

1)What is strategy implementation? What questions must strategy makers consider to begin the implementation process? 75 words or more, 1 APA Citation and Reference 2)What are some of the approaches a company can take to identify and prepare its people for important positions?75 words or more, 1 APA Citation and Reference 3

Public Policy Analysis

1) Using Anti-Bullying Policy as an example, please assess the degree of influence that the news media has on this policy. 2) Identify a policy issue where unofficial actors have made a significant presence in changing a federal or state policy. 3) Pick a policy of your choice and identify the following: The top three interes

Public Finance Proposal Part II: Sources of Funding

How would you identify the sources of funds for the project? Rail Tunnel Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you evaluate these possible sources of revenue. You may add additional sources not discussed in class (corporate sponsorship, etc.) but must address each the following sources in your paper: •Public-private

Describe the four general forces in the societal environment

Describe the four general forces in the societal environment., need around 75 words. Describe the purpose of an EFAS Table, needs 75 words or more. Distinguish between a fragmented and consolidated industry, and describe examples of each. at least 200 words. Define a value chain and the significance of the center of gravity.

Federal policy that was discussed over a span of two

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to a particular policy issue that has been discussed on two (2) presidential administrations; when the policy began, its impact over various sectors, and his effectiveness over time. Pick one (1) similar federal policy that was discussed over a span of two (2) different ad

Crisis Management at Workplace

You are in charge of your company's newly formed crisis management team. Over the past two years, there has been a steady increase of "active shooter's" in the work place. Your CEO wants to improve the safety of your workplace to prevent the possibility of this type of scenario. How can your crisis management team address lea


Step 1: 1st, you are to read the question Here is a copy: Christopher Nadel was in the car with his father, Paul, and his grandmother, Evelyn, when they pulled into Burger King for breakfast. Christopher was seated in the center of the front seat, between Paul and Evelyn; two of Christopher's classmates were in the back sea

Brief report on Avon Products, Inc.

Prepare a brief report on Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) using the information in the attached Table 1.1 (B&H textbook) and financial statement information for Avon Products available at, calculate common financial ratios for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

International Public Administration Issue of Globalization

Please provide 4 pages 1. Identify two or three distinct positions on the issue of labor policy and globalization in relation to any chosen country. 2. Demonstrate the relevance and urgency of the issue for modern society. Which groups, individuals, and communities (stakeholders) are affected by the issue? In what ways that

State Department of Transportation (DOT)

Your state Department of Transportation (DOT) has received $100 million in federal funding to enhance and expand an interstate freeway over a 5-year period. The state DOT oversight resources to do this were pulled from another project: improvement of a local county highway. The highway from which the resources were pulled is the

Interest Rates: Essentials of Economics

Give us an example (hopefully a personal one) where you have seen a rise or fall in interest rates influence a decision. This can be a business decision or a personal decision. Tell how interest rates could affect economy. Please use something other than car, house, and credit cards.

Strategic Management and Profit Oriented Organizations

Read an article in the business press about a major action taken by a corporation. Briefly describe this action and name key strategic management terms that the author used in the article. Locate a mission statement of a company. Where did you find it? Was it presented as a consolidated statement? In what ways do you belie

compare 2 companies outsourcing services

Identify at least two companies that outsource their services. Compare and contrast their services in terms of competitive advantage. Evaluate which one is more successful and explain why.

Managerial accounting

Hallstead Jewelers Managerial Accounting Summary of Hallstead Jewelers Hallstead Jewelers was established in 1924 in the largest city in the tri-state region. For more than 50 years, Gretchen Reeves and her brother and sister's grandfather ran and grown the original store to one of the large

Clotheshound: balanced scorecard, successful implementation

Clotheshound is a local clothing store in New England. Clotheshound has been experiencing increased competition from the national clothing chains. In an effort to improve performance, management intends to create a Balanced Scorecard. In a meeting, several measures were suggested by various managers. Management has identified

Balancing Customer Service Costs with Competitive Advantage

In approximately 2 pages discuss, argumentatively, the following position statement. In order to attain or maintain competitive advantage, retail organizations must take particular care in establishing return policies. Within this discussion mention the cost of losing a valued customer due to rigid policies vs. the cost of co

Various Human Resource Organizations

Find a minimum of 5 sources that do not yet appear in the Webliography, with a primary focus on human resources or human resource management. These could be professional associations, resources for managers, sample forms and policies, or summaries of legal determinations. Upload each source with a brief annotation of its usefuln

Mission, Value, Vision

See the attached file. Make your own business and explain the importance of your selected business's (SB) vision, mission, and values in determining your strategic direction. Include the following: 1. About the company 2. Visions 3. Mission 4. Value 5. Who are the customer and type of products offer 6. Give back t

Cost containment strategies for healthcare

Discuss how best to implement the following 6 health care cost containment strategies in an organization. Are there considerations other than cost here that should be taken into account? Containment strategies: 1. Deal with hospitals and insurers as with any other suppliers. 2. Encourage the use of generic drugs. 3. Use a

Capital structure and dividends

Analyzing the dividend polices of Gamestop. Please review Gamestop's dividends over the past three years. Then, answer the following questions in Word (except for the Excel portion specifically noted): 1. What has occurred with Gamestop's dividend payout, dividend yield, and dividend per share over the past three years? D

Motorola: Implementation Strategy

Conduct an audit of the key insights for Motorola implementation strategy to determine the historical approach, the success rate, and the barriers faced in the change process.

Upgrading an HR Plan

See the attached file. Case 1 TeleSouth Location: Birmingham Employees: Approximately 400 Industry: Cellular and land-based telecommunications Background TeleSouth was established in Birmingham in March 2002 and began commercial operations in mid-2003. TeleSouth operates a cellular telephone netwo

Performance and Creating a Performance Rating System

Laura Schulz has operated Laura's Sweet Stuff Bakery for the past 5 years. By 5:00 a.m. every weekday morning, customers are dropping in both to enjoy the cozy smells and to purchase fresh warm donuts and other goodies to enjoy with their coffee before going to work. After 5 years of this schedule where she began baking by 3:00