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    Proposal for Restaurant

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    GEB 3213

    Dear Professor,

    I am in need of assistance developing a fairly simple business proposal for an oceanfront, upscale restaurant in dire need of an overhaul for their failing seating arrangements on holidays for their highly advertised brunch buffets. The rates per person are expensive due to the luxurious display of crab legs, shrimp, sushi, omelet station, carved prime rib, etc.

    Despite reservations being taken well in advance, the reservations are always off as far as time management. People who have reservations are often left waiting for their table, due to lingering patrons. Although there is a sufficient amount of seating to accommodate everyone, providing their seated and leave at a projected time, there is always the issue of anticipated turnover.

    Many holidays have come and gone, and I feel that the average time for turnover of a table can be safely projected to be an hour.

    My idea that stems from this observance, is to create a table layout for each seating time. E.g. tables 1 through tables 50, are open at 11:00 when the buffet is ready for influx of patrons. If each time frame displays a layout of reservations for tables for the hours of 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, etc. then we will be better prepared to seat people promptly. If in the event they linger a moment, we can always expedite by giving the server a "heads up" and ensure that their table is completely clear of all excess plates, glassware, etc.

    Ultimately, I would like to introduce a copy of table layout for each time of seating, in which the hostess (or whomever is taking the reservation), will not only write the name a number in the party on the table itself, but also follow up with a schedule indicating the exact time and party number (amount of patrons at the table) separately. These two sources of documentation should coincide. The day prior, a hostess will have the task of calling the phone numbers of each and every anticipated patron to ensure their plans haven't changed.

    I need help with a diagram of tables in the restaurant, a general layout of squares seating 4, round tables seating 8, rectangular tables seating 6, etc. Just show an example of a basic seating accommodation layout in a restaurant, using whatever you please for shapes of tables labeled with a number.

    I basically need all this information to come together to create a solid, and lucrative business proposal, in which the restaurant can avoid disappointed patrons, allow them time to enjoy, and satisfy the front of the house operations lucratively.

    Below are details of project anticipated, and I am going to conduct peer meetings, and video once established (this is just an FYI):

    The Course Project is an individual project that you'll working on throughout the course. Deliverables include a video slide presentation and a written business proposal. You'll hold an online meeting with a selected group of peers who will give you feedback on your presentation, and you'll also review theirs.

    How to choose a project company and topic

    Choose a company that is familiar to you. Your workplace is ideal. If your workplace isn't an option, then choose any organization where you have some connections. It can even be your uncle's coffee shop, your friend's etsy business, or your church.
    Determine a problem the organization has in an area of which you can be of assistance. Make sure you don't choose a problem for which you make a recommendation that will seem entirely self-serving to the decision makers, such as give the kitchen staff a raise (and you're one of the cooks!). Also avoid controversial areas that might reflect negatively on you, such as trying to fix a management problem when you think the problem is your boss. Areas to consider include:
    improving a process
    eliminating waste
    saving time or money
    attracting new customers and/or retaining current
    improving web/social media presence
    planning new event
    and many more! The sky's the limit as long as you can conduct research on the problem and complete the project proposal within the time frame of this class.

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    Business Proposal for an oceanfront upscale restaurant in need for an overhaul:

    The current restaurant at the waterfront needs an overhaul. The restaurant will be renovated and have a new seating arrangement shown in the accompanying attachment. The current restaurant has a problem with regards to reservations. When customers with reservation turn up, they are left waiting for the table because the previous customers take more time. The proposed arrangement will not lead to this problem. Each customer will be reserved for an hourly time slot starting from 11.00 am. The customer will be allotted a table number depending on the number of people the customer is arriving with. The schedule with seating arrangement will be prepared on a computer program and the ...

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