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Project Management: Analyzing a Restaurant

Describe a work-related situation you feel could be improved, using a restaurant as the target business. Consider the following:

1.Identify the needs of the situation?
2.What is the project objective?
3.What assumptions, if any, should be made regarding the project to be undertaken?
4.Who are the main people or departments that need to be involved in this project?
5.What are the risks involved?
6.Why would your project be considered a project?
Prepare a short proposal (2-4 pages) for the project, as if you were a consultant bidding on the job.

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1.The needs of the situation: A restaurant has wait staff that takes orders for main courses, appetizers, and drinks. Some appetizers and drinks are filled by the waitperson, but the main courses and most appetizers are prepared in the kitchen. After the order is taken, the waitperson inputs the information in the computer terminal and generates a ticket. From that ticket they fill the salad, bread, and drinks. The other information goes to the kitchen where it is displayed on terminals. The station that provides the appetizers works quickly and the food is ready for service. The main courses are not so quickly prepared, leaving a lot of ...

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This solution provides a detailed description and analysis of a work related situation that needs improvement