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    Business Plan for Traditional English Restaurant

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    I need help on doing a business plan for a traditional English restaurant.
    Need outline and introduction problem proposal statement. (300 words)

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    The business plan for traditional English restaurant:
    The business concept is that the traditional English restaurant will be located at Covent Garden in London. It will serve traditional English food. The restaurant will serve a selection of bread, cheese, roasted and stewed meats, pies, boiled vegetables, broths, puddings, beef on the bone, liver and onion, smoked eel, and horseradish sandwiches. The restaurant will have three chefs, eleven waiters, and one manager. Covent Garden attracts patrons who seek traditional English food. The location, menu, and ambience will position the traditional English restaurant as a destination for the finest English cuisine.
    The potential customers will be London residents who want to eat authentic English food. Also, tourists who want to taste real English food ...

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