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    Operations process and flow diagram

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    (1) Select an operations process and write a proposal that will serve as the basis of the Learning Team Operations Improvement Plan. Identify an objective problem statement, such as, "It takes too long to be served in our hotel restaurant." Include in your proposal a brief introduction, a problem statement.

    (2) Complete a Flow Diagram that represents the operations process identified in the above problem statement. Write a 350-word narrative that defines the boundaries and constraints of the Flow Diagram.

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    A Parisian restaurant which is looking to make the whole process from greeting the customer to receipt of order much more efficient, improved and error free. The restaurant operates in a popular district of the city and is very much crowded during evening times. There are a lot of people who are always waiting in the lounge area and feel frustrated due to long waiting hours to get seat for dinner. Few diners leave the restaurant because either they are not greeted properly or they are kept waiting in the lounge without being properly attended by Maitre d', which is the french word for Headwaiter, who shows the diners the correct way toward their table and attends them in the first place. The restaurant also wants to reduce the noise, ...

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    Select an operations process and write a proposal and complete a flow diagram