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Biological Chemistry

Estimating total body weight

If I had a body mass of 56 kg how would I get an estimate of my total body weight? I need a full calculation and what the method is called. Also, I have read that D2O IS used in some experiments to calculate tbw in kgs. Can you explain this process fully to me? The article I have read is 'Rapid measurement of deuterium conten

Biochemical Synthesized Pathways

"A branched biochemical pathway synthesizes two related essential amino acids D and F. A mutant defective for enzyme 2 will grow on minimal medium supplemented with which compounds?" The picture drawn with this problem looks something like this (I'll also attach a Word file in case this is unclear: 1

Tetrazolium test for determining viability of seeds

The performance of a seed can be determined by studying its germination and viability potential. One of the most significant advances in seed testing technology in recent years is the topographical tetrazolium method.

Productivity of cell culture

A batch animal cell culture has a productivity of 1.8 g/L*day, with a MUmax=0.5 days, a 10% inoculums and a turnaround time of 5 hours. If a continuous culture could operate at a dilution rate of 90% MUmax, what would be the productivity?

Question about Cell signaling

CA2+, IP3, and cAMP have all been described as second messengers. In what ways are their mechanisms of action similar? In what ways are they different? If you were comparing the molecular structure of kinesin and dynein, which part (heads or tails) would you expect to be most similar between them? Why?

An explanation of NAD and FAD

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. What are NAD and FAD? How do their roles differ? Which is found in greater amounts?