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Glactose sucrose fementation

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Glucose and sucrose easily produced alcohol fermentation in yeast. Why didn't galactose and lactose?

This was the virtual experiment.
pH was set at 7
temperature 20 degrees C
20 ml of glucose was added to 1ml yeast
20ml or sucrose was added to 1ml of yeast
20ml of galactose was added to 1 ml of yeast
20ml of lactose was added to 1ml of yeast
gas was measured after 20 minutes.

Glucose and sucrose showed a reaction. Lactose and galactose didn't. Why?

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Pretty well, everything that goes on in a cell happens because of enzymes. Remember, enzymes are catalytic proteins that speed up metabolic reactions and make things happen.

If yeast cells have the necessary enzymes to metabolize the sugar, then fermentation can happen. If they don't have the ...