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Fermentation for Carbohydrate Solutions

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Which carbohydrate solution (molasses, glucose, or sucrose) would a yeast ferment to the greatest extent?

5ml yeast 5ml Molasses
7.5 ml yeast 2.5 ml Molasses
0 yeast 5ml water 5ml molasses
5ml yeast 5 ml water
5ml yeast 5 ml Glucose
5ml yeast 5 ml Sucrose

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The expert determines which carbohydrate solution would a yeast ferment to the greatest extent.

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Pretty well, everything that goes on in a cell happens because of enzymes. Remember, enzymes are catalytic proteins that speed up metabolic reactions and make things happen.

If yeast cells have the necessary enzymes to metabolize the sugar, then fermentation can happen. If they don't have the enzymes, they nothing can happen and the sugar cannot be utilized.

Glucose is a readily available sugar that yeast can use because they have the necessary enzymes to metabolize glucose. The same goes with sucrose. In fact, sucrose is made up of a glucose and a fructose bound together. ...

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