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Fermentation of beer

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I need help in getting reputable source on writing a paper on the topic above. I am studying culinary arts. I don't know where to start.

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An explanation of fermentation and the production of beer as well as an outline for a paper on the topic.

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Writing the paper:
The first thing you need to do when writing a paper is to make an outline or write down topics that you would like to cover. After that is it a matter of doing the research and writing the paper.

Start by asking yourself what topics would you like to cover concerning beer fermentation. This will greatly depend on your audience (who is reading and marking your paper). You will need to decide how much general background information you want and how in depth you will go for each sub-topic.

Here are some topics you may want to cover:
-General information about beer such as history, importance etc (this can be a few sentences in an introduction just to set the stage as to why you are writing on this topic ie. the importance of it not just because you were told to write about it).
-Defining fermentation. This is the heart of your paper. Depending on the level of knowledge of your reader you will need to decide how much direct science you want to put in your paper versus generalized information. It may be a good idea to start with how fermentation was discovered, define what it is and then go into detail about how it happens specifically in beer.
-You may want to include methods for fermenting beer as you mentioned you are studying culinary arts. Your reader may want to know how to go about doing it, what are the variabes (effects of different ingredients on fermentation, types of casks, different kinds of yeast, length of fermentation effects on the overall product etc.) Think ...

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